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Unleashed (promo)
February 2004
Released: Febr, n/a
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Debase comes from Malmö, Sweden, it has been quiet from Debase for a long time now, they have released two albums THE WORLD IS LISTENING '99 and DOMINATION '00. They were support to Annihilator and special guest Seven Witches through out Europe at the beginning of last year, after that it has been quiet from Debase. Now the work has begin on the third album under the working name UNLEASHED. This is the first taste of the new record.

Micko has produced this and it’s sounds really good. He has done a much better work than the previous producer Anders “Theo” Thenander did on the last two albums. This was recorded in the bands reherseal-place, and of course there are things that you can do better in a real studio, but despite that this sounds remarkably good. What can you say that Debase music sounds like. You can not compare Debase music to anything else, it’s pure Debase metal. You can instantly here that this is Malmös heavy metal kings that you have on your stereo. Debase have strong songs, an incredibly good singer, really impressing guitarists and a demon behind the drums.

“Pleasuredome” heavy intro with only guitar and drums before the rest of the bands joins in. Heavy metal with a few tempo changes througout the song, with a very sing a long friendly chorus. “Unleash The Great” heavy metal, incredibly heavy song. The band has used keyboard to give more strength to the song. “Restained” the speed is not so high but still very heavy. Impressive guitar play by Jonas/Sigge. This has a big potential to be a radio hit. Micke impresses big time on vocals. ”Hin Hale” this is one of the fastest Debase-songs I´ve heard. Johan impresses a lot on drums, and it´s a lot of changes of rhythm, a lot of guitar on top of the soundpicture. Micke sounds incredebly angry and he spits out the lyrics.

Debase has developed a lot as a band. They have worked a lot with the arrangements on the songs, worked harder with the lyrics, more rhythm changes in every song and Micke has developed even more as a singer and frontman. This sounds really good, if the rest of the album is as good as this, this could be a really strong record. If you are intrested to listen to the song “Pleasuredome” you can hear it on the web at At this moment it´s uncertain when the album is going to be released, but I hope it’s going to be real soon. Everone who likes hard heavy metal ought to check out Debase.
Track Listing

Unleash the great
Hin håle


Micke Hansson - Lead Vocals
Sigge - Guitar
Micko Twedberg - Bass
Jonas Karlgren - Guitar
Johan Hellgesson - Drums

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