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August 2001
Released: 2001, Kick Music
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Debase is a band from Malmö Sweden and DOMINATION is their second record. Their first one came out in 1999 (The World is Listening). Lots has happened to the band since then. They have played live a lot and worked on the record DOMINATION. They have been support act to bands like Alice Cooper, Entombed and Paradise Lost among others. The band lie-up is: Micke (vox), Sigge (git), Jonas (git), Johan (drums) and Micko (bass). It is very difficult to refer to anyone who has the sound that Debase has.

On the debut-album you could feel a little bit of Pantera-influences but not any more. Debase is very often compared with Pantera/Machine head in the media. I find that completely wrong. I would say that Debase plays Debase-metal and they do it so good that comparisons with others is unnecessery. You will find the second record more commercial than number one, so is the work with the textures more serious. The tracks on DOMINATION are more sing-along friendly than on the first one. Debase has changed drummers since the debut-album. The new drummer is Johan and he is one of the best drummers in Sweden for the moment. I think he has a chance for a splended career. Even live he plays like a demon on stage. Micke has developed as a singer. His voice has a wider register than before. Even Sigge / Jonas on guitars impress both on solo and lead guitar.

The recording of DOMINATION was at the same place as the first record, RoastingHouse Recording Studio AB in Malmö Sweden. The producer and mixer is Anders Theo Theander and Debase. All songs are written and arranged by Debase. DOMINATION kicks off with the faster song ”Stoneage 2K”. Other songs are a little faster such as the title track ”Hazardman”, ”The Cradle” and ”With Full Force”. The more ballad-like songs are ”Gideon´s Pawnshop” and the very beautiful ”Circle of Pain” where Micke makes a great impression. This song has potential to be a radio hit. The band is very technical and there are several examples in every song. The negative stuff on the record is that the chorus in ”Domination” and ”With Full Force” is weak. I wish there was more action in the chorus in these two songs. There are only 9 songs on the record so I would vote for a few more.

I miss very much the collaboration Debase had with the jazz singer Carina who worked with Debase in the debut-album. The song is called ”Bedtime Stories” is one of my favorites on the first one. She is a very talented and beautiful woman.

With a world wide record deal, this album coud be the band’s big break. It is very important that the band has the right people behind them, who knows how to promote the band. When the debut came there was no promotion at all and the band disappeared among others. I like the record a lot and you who buy it will not be disappointed if you like metal.

More information on the band is available on their site at:
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