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Synthetic Generation
August 2004
Released: 2003, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: JP

What do you get when you mix Marilyn Manson, some uninspired goth, silly costumes, pop-lite industrial, bad lyrics and some pseudo-metal posturing? You get Deathstars!

These guys are pretty lame and I’m not sure what Nuclear Blast was thinking. Maybe the label was trying to experiment with their own little Manson clone to see if it would attract a different market. Style over substance this is a pretty poor amalgamation of the weaker elements of many other genres. It doesn’t really work.

The vocals are very similar in tone (but not delivery) to those of Fernando of Moonspell. The band mixes in lots of keyboards and mild industrial scrapings and the occasional guitar crunch. Techno beats all over the place and some female vocals are scattered about as well. The lyrics are lame and uninspired attempts at juvenile misanthropy lacking integrity or aggression.

I’ll say one thing. The CD sounds good, the packaging and presentation are good and there is a sense of fun here. This is a band for people who don’t really like industrial or metal but are more into the Euro-dance mix scene. I gave it the extra 0.5 for a sense of fun in a techno nightclub kind of vibe. You can pretty much avoid this but if you have to hear something like this, go buy some Braindance who did this kind of thing first and way better in a far more heavy and original manner. I didn’t outright hate this CD, it was sort of fun to hear once in a mildly amusing toe-tapping way, but really has nothing to offer of any substance. Here today, gone later today and this release is destined to be a forgivable blemish on the labels track record. I can’t believe the guys in Swordmaster actually produced this tripe.
Track Listing

1. Semi-automatic
2. Synthetic Generation
3. New Dead Nation
4. Syndrome
5. Modern Death
6. Little Angel
7. The Revolution Exodus
8. Damn Me
9. The Rape
10. Genocide
11. No Light


Whiplasher Bernadotte-Vocals
Beast X Electric-guitar
Nightmare Industries-guitar, bass, keys
Bone W Machine-drums



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