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The Ewrie Sound Of The Slow Awakening
June 2014
Released: 2014, Folter Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

2006 the one man band is known for cold and minimalistic Old School Black Metal including

the essence of an almost forgotten time. The Eerie Sound Of The Slow Awakening is the fourth

DEATHROW album and a consequent continuation of all trademarks which represented the Italian

in the past. No Post,no technical fiddeling and no sterile production but everything a Black

Metal album should be.

From the Intro "A Fallen Empire of The Flesh" and this has to be one of the shortest into's that I have heard you know that you are going to be experiencing a complete ear bleeding rid into the darkest depths of you soul. If you are going to listen to "The Eerie Sound of The Slow Awakening" through headphones you might want to drop the volume a bit, because "The Sentinel" will shatter you very soul. A very fast paced Guitar shredding Vocal damaging track and not for those who have never experienced Black Metal. "Old Bones" track three was a surprise the start of the track was something completely different but for a Black Metal band, but the growling vocals from "Thorn" soon slam you back into you seat. This is the first time that I have come across "DeathRow" and I am very impressed so impressed that 30 seconds into "Old Bones" I went online and purchased their back catalogue. Yep I had the thirst and wanted more. Deathrow have proven that Black Metal is not just about being able to growl and shout, but the music has to have it's very own heart beat

"He, The Destroyer" track three is very deep and has a very old school feel to the riff that flows through it's vains. it was after this track I had to remove my headphones and play through my speaker system, Yep these guys were causing my tinitus to play up...Now some may think that is a bad thing, but not for me because that is how i judge a great band and on a super release. "The Illusion Of Control" runs at 6 mins 5 seconds and is the longest track on the album, this track is filled with the most powerful riffs, nothing more then shear bone shattering vibrations and the vocals from "Thorn" are slowed down just a bit which is a good thing for one reason...if you have a friend who has never experienced a Black Metal band this track would be a great way to introduce them into this storming genre. "The Illusion Of Control" has everything within the music that any metalhead loves.

I will always look for a fault within any album that I review, not because I want to place a bad word, but as a reviewer we have to look from the outside of the music. I know that Black Metal is not for everyone, and it has its own followers, I for one was never into Black Metal until a few years ago...but I would recommend DeathRow to even those who have never experienced the force of the genre.

"The Eerie Sound Of The Awaking" is a killer album and you realy should give it a listen.

Reviewed By : AWG
Track Listing

1. A Fallen Empire Of Flesh (Intro)
2. The Sentinel
3. Old Bones
4. He, The Destroyer
5. The Illusion Of Control
6. Dying In The Cold
7. Lost In The Grey
8. Worms And Silence
9. One Moment
10. Il Sangue Nero (Outro)


Thorns - Guitar/vocals
Beast - Guitar
Tumulash - Bass
Bornyhake - Drums

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