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October 2012
Released: 2012,
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Exorchrism is the latest release from Nuremburg’s Death Metallers Deaththronation - consisting of their 2 demos “A Soil Forsaken…” from 2006 and the 2011’s “Exorchrism” in one package.

Jumping straight in with “Beg For Your God” I’m immediately reminded of the glory days of classic death/grind - it has an early Obituary/Entombed perhaps even Terrorizer vibe to the track - This is straight up no-frills death metal with plenty of grunt behind it.

“One Once Forsaken” continues the assault with a riff that could be straight out of an early Morbid Angel demo, before continuing the offensive against your ear drums! If there’s one thing this band do well, it’s wear their influences on this sleeves.

“Scorn Dominion” Slows things down for a while before returning to the brutal bombast, however personally I found some of the lead parts quite lacking - they definitely need some work to make them stand out, that’s for sure. Perhaps when the band has refined the tunes to a full album release we’ll get what these tracks deserve.

Hammering through tracks like “Church Of Salvation” & “Beyond Revelation” it’s clear that Deathronation are about as subtle as smashing in someone’s face with a sledgehammer - The grind/death just keeps coming through both demos and doesn’t really let you go until you submit to the slow grooves and breakneck speed it seems to wildly alternate between.

There’s definitely some promise here underneath the layer of crusty filth this record kicks out, I’m interested to see what the future holds for Deathronation once they have refined their sound into a more cohesive and polished product.

Review By Paul James
Track Listing

1.Beg for Your God
2.One Once Forsaken
3.Scorn Dominion
4.Curse from the Grave
5.Church of Salvation
6.Mental Ossuary of Mine
8.Realm of Shadows
9.Beyond Revelation
10.Curse from the Grave


Stiff Old - 6-String Saw and Voice
B.S. Cunthammer - 6-String Saw
S. Muerte - 4-String Spell and Screams
Mr. Freeze - Battery

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