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Black Moon Rising
May 2010
Released: 2010, Self Produced
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

In this era of self-marketing and promotion, Kennesaw Georgia’s Deathloch have created a professional looking album, available on ITunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and other major distributors. BLACK MOON RISING is the self-produced debut album from the band, formed in early 2009. This quintet has put their name in a hat that is now legion; groove metal and metalcore, seeking a port of calling in a sea of literally thousands. That being said Deathloch gets right down to business from the first track, keeping things direct and compact. Most songs clock in at less than four minutes, leaving the band the opportunity to focus on the groove and the riffs without redundant filler.

“Figure It Out” opens thing up with a groovy, mid-paced riff followed by Karl’s metalcore style vocals that focus more on yelling/speaking instead of screaming, which is a nice change from most vocals in this genre. Nevertheless, there is nothing original here and track two follows the mid-paced tempo before things pick up on the next two songs. In fairness, the guitars do a good job of creating catchy and mosh laden riffs and drummer Raper varies the beat instead of blasting through every song. “Black Moon Rising” is the stand out track and opens with a deceptive stoner metal riff after which Karl really branches out in the vocal department before returning to standard metalcore screams. The entire album is well-executed and more than competent, complete with an attractive package and decent production.

A few flaws exist as well, chiefly that this is metal you, I, and that guy on an island near Antarctica have all heard before. That does not make it bad; it just makes it difficult to care about, since there are so many bands playing this style of music. This is the challenge that faces Deathloch, and frankly every new metalcore, groove metal oriented band. The challenge is to carve a niche and convince people that you have something different to offer, something original instead of repeating a formula, no matter how well you execute that formula. At this point, Deathloch does not have that, but if you enjoy this style of music and you can afford to add another one of these bands to your list, well then by all means give Deathloch a listen. You can hear a decent portion of their album on their MySpace page.
Track Listing

01. Figure It Out
02. Single Serving
03. No More Words
04. Only for You
05. Never Give Up
06. Black Moon Rising
07. Hurt Somebody
08. The 25th Hour
09. Succubus
10. Death Inside Out 0


Karl Janus - Vocals
Jon Raper - Drums
Micah Brook - Lead Guitar
John Kowalski - Guitar
L.P. - Bass

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