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Ritual Death Metal
April 2013
Released: 2013, Svart Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I have to start by saying that there comes a time once every now and again when an album and/or band comes around that is so immensely impressive that your faith in their genre is restored. This is most definitely one of those moments!

Hailing from Finland comes Deathchain; with their 6th full length album release and I’m extremely sorry to say that I am not familiar with this band, but within the first few opening tracks of this album I was immediately blown away with the entire package.

The production for this Death Metal album firstly is PERFECT, the guitar tone definitely harks back to the old school Death Metal titans of Entombed and Dismember and has that classic low end buzz like crunch that both bands brought to the genre, but don’t think that Deathchain is merely trying to be another Entombed & Dismember copy, the song writing is technical and contains a mixture of slow droning dirges to fast whirlwind blast beats and even some Old School Black Metal style blast beats and riffs to add into the mix as well.

Imagine the perfect mixture of Entombed, Dismember of the Old School style and Behemoth, Hypocrisy & Vallenfyre for the more modern fast extremity and you have a rough idea of just how good this album sounds.

The vocals are absolutely fantastic as well and just what you want for this type of Death Metal, low powerful bassey and sounds like Cthulhu rising from the depths whilst gargling on rusty nails, perfect!

Similar in style to the heavier vocals of Chuck Billy from Testament I’d say.

They also have a second vocalist who provides high register Death Metal backing vocals to add even more depth to the sound. It’s clear that as each band member has taken the experience of their previous or other bands (and it appears there have been a few) and incorporated all of that collective musical knowledge and influence into something that shows an interesting diversity of old and new Death Metal whilst still keeping the music incredibly fresh and original and something that I’m sure will satisfy the full spectrum of extreme metal fans.

From start to finish the album is just a relentless fury of Death Metal perfection and I really do mean perfection. This album is one of the most impressive Death Metal albums I have heard certainly this year if not for a long time!

I personally feel like a muppet for not checking out this band earlier but thankfully now I have heard what they are capable of putting together and I’m hoping that I can see them live in the UK very soon.

Stand out tracks for the album for me are Seven Asakku Shadows, it has an excellent chorus which I’m sure will be a crowd favourite for live shows, as well as Like Worms Upon The Lands which is an epic 7 minute long mixture of slow dirge intro mixed with explosions of blast beats and the final track Abzu Doom which is a mid-tempo crushing encore of Death Metal fury that I’m sure again will be an immense live hit and get crowds head banging like the world is coming to an end.

Quite simply one of the best Death Metal albums I have heard in recent times, perfect production, fantastic Old School Death Metal guitar tone and amazingly Heavy crushing riffs and solos, immensely powerful vocals (which are a mixture of both low and high from the two vocalists) and relentlessly tight drumming from start to finish makes this an album which I think we’ll definitely have to keep an eye out as being one of the top albums of 2013.

Utterly blown away and if you can excuse me I’m going to attempt to pick my jaw up from the floor and purchase more of this bands material…

If you consider yourself a fan of Death Metal whether it be Old School, New School or whatever else, I honestly feel that you owe it to yourself to check out this album.

I’ll find it very surprising if you come away disappointed!

Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT album! Go and check it out! There I said it!

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Voice of Sharur
2. Stele of the Vultures
3. Seven Asakku Shadows
4. Our Lady Under The Earth
5. King Pazuzu
6. Like Worms Upon The Lands
7. Tiamat's Eyes Of Death
8. Abzu Doom


Kuolio - Bass
Kassara - Drums
Corpse - Guitars
K.J. Khaos - Vocals
Cult - Guitars
C. Void - Vocals (backing)



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