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Death Gods
November 2010
Released: 2010, Cobra Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finland´s Death Metal troops, Deathchain, have reached their 5th studio album of their career – titled DEATH GODS, which is unsurprisingly based on the gods of death, and influenced heavily by H.P. Lovecraft's literature and Sumerian and Babylonian goddesses.

On DEATH GODS, Deathchain sound tighter, more refined, more brutal and heavier than ever on their earlier albums. This is definitely Deathchain´s most mature album to this very date, there´s just no question about that – and I honestly think each band member has really outdone himself when it comes to the compositions of the songs on DEATH GODS.

I remember blaming them for some sort of ´Morbid Angel syndrome´ on their previous album, DEATH ETERNAL, having a tad too much strange tendencies to remind us of the ´Morbid Ones´ song-wise. Gladly, this is not the case on DEATH GODS any longer. Deathchain have pretty much found their own identity and style and sound like a whole different beast here – attacking and ravishing the listeners so powerfully and determinedly as if there was no tomorrow. Sounds like the band has fully charged their batteries creativity-wise since their previous album, DEATH ETERNAL, was released – and have come out from their secret asylum with a good bunch of new and fresh ideas, that have also brought some sort of a positive mirror effect into the new songs on DEATH GODS.

I don´t know how much all this ´musical regeneration´ within Deathchain has had to do with the fact that ex-Demilich mastermind and growler Antti Boman has been permanently recruited to the line-up of Deathchain (which was absolutely the right thing for the band to do as he has been with them ever since Deathchain´s debut album, DEADMEAT DISCIPLES, was released in 2003). Maybe Antti has even had some influence on Deathchain´s new material – who actually knows. Knowing it´s been a long journey from Deathchain to reach this level of becoming an appreciated extreme metal unit in the metal loving community, from a Thrash Metal breathing act to a 99% bullet-proof Death Metal combo, it´s just great to notice them for accomplishing something this surprisingly good and well executed stuff on DEATH GODS.

The whole package works; there´s lots of killer hooks, catchy – crushing riffs, spot-on solos, great vocals, clever tempo changes, well built up atmospheres, etc. on this album – without going much into some specific details of the songs of DEATH GODS (because I am such a lazy and old fuck nowadays – please excuse me for that). Deathchain seems to be on the top of their game on this record, and undoubtedly many of us are going to notice that, too. The musical transformation from the times of DEADMEAT DISCIPLES – all the way up to their 5th studio album DEATH GODS, obviously must have been relatively painful for them, but this time it has truly paid off for Deathchain. Check out especially the album´s over 12-minute closer tune, “Cthulhu Rising”, which will surely hold the title of ´one-of-the-best-Deathchain-songs-written-ever´ for some time. Antti´s super-low growls in it always tend to send some cold shivers down my spine to tickle my rectum in a not-so-heterosexual way.

One thing remains the same though: DEATH GODS will not leave anyone cold – not even already deceased and buried people. ´nuff said, I think.
Track Listing

01. Storming the Death Gods
02. Scimitar
03. The Crawling Chaos
04. The Lion-Head
05. We Are Unearthed
06. The Beyond
07. Howling of the Blind
08. Cthulhu Rising


K.J. Khaos - Vocals
Corpse - Guitar and backing vocals
C. Void - Backing vocals
Cult - Guitar

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