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July 2003
Released: 2003, Woodcut Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Deathly Grindcore torpedos Deathbound isn´t any new band arising from the filthy depths of Finnish soil where nothing seems to be holy and untouched as far violently extreme sounds are concerned. The band was already formed 8 years ago; in 1995 precisely by Kai on vocals, Pete on guitar and Kuntz on bass. At that time the band was called Twilight. The band spawned 3 promotional recordings under this moniker during 1995 and got their name spred around a little bit by those particular demos. After a name switch from Twilight to Deathbound in the summer of 2000 and several line-up changes later, it was the band´s 4th recording, a promo-CD titled ELABORATE THE TORTURE that finally got enough attention in a small Finnish label called Woodcut Records that has basically become known as a label specialized for Black Metal bands mostly. Lately, it has seemed like they have decided to widen their catalogue a bit by a small bunch of both Death Metal (Sotajumala, Obscurant) and Grindcore (Deathbound) bands, too, which is a good move from them in my opinion at least.

As for Deathbound´s debut on Woodcut, I couldn´t avoid paying attention to the insane drum work on their debut. Mika Q (also in both Rotten Sound and ... And Oceans) drum work is absolutely totally insane; very fast, almost machine-like at times and his drum work did remind me of Kai Hahto´s (yeah, that wacko skinpounder in Rotten Sound!) maniac-like drum techniques occasionally here and there. He´s really damn good; almost equal to Kai Hahto really! Like a fuckin´ high-octane robot puppet..., ha!

Musically Deathbound isn´t too far removed from Rotten Sound´s merciless grind´n´roll. I would say that when Rotten Sound has mostly based their sound on some plain Grindcore –elements, Deathbound is sort of a more Death Metal version of them, pointing their lethal yet merciless guns towards more under Death Metal category. But in the very same breath, I need to confess Deathbound doesn´t differ that much from Rotten Sound musically. Both troops seem to enjoy bathing in the same gore, vomit and blood equally as much, so let them do so in full while it will last.

Such songs “One Man´s Hell Is Another Man´s Heaven”, “Whitecoatparanoia” and “Treacherous Breed” have neither spared no room for too many nuances nor the songs on this murderous album know where a longer breath might be in order, so prepare yourself for a merciless half hour beating before you have made your choice to invest your hard-earned money into Deathbound´s splatter orgies. This stuff surely isn´t for everyone; for some it will obviously be a deaden Hell – for others it may well be a pure sonic Heaven if bands like Rotten Sound, Napalm Death and Nasum are some of the most popular bands in your own sweet home. A relatively lovely deadly shit this is indeed... preferably to be enjoyed by a heart-stopping volume if possible in any circumstances!!
Track Listing

01. One Man´s Hell Is Another Man´s Heaven
02. Without Pain
03. Whitecoatparanoia
04. As Recultance Grows
05. Treacherous Breed
06. Silent City Deathcount
07. Consumed
08. The House of the Silent and Friendly
09. The Fresh is the Cage


Kai – Vocals
Pete – Guitar
Kuntz – Bass
Q - Drums

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