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Death Wolf
Death Wolf
June 2011
Released: 2011, Regain Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Demonator

I'm not sure about you, but if someone had tried to sell me on the idea of essentially a Scandinavian Misfits-tribute act - even one boasting some seriously heavyweight talent in Marduk's Morgan HÃ¥kansson - I wouldn't exactly have been ready to bet my house on them being any good. So to say that when a band named Devils Whorehouse dropped a little ditty called BLOOD & ASHES back in 2009, I was surprised, is something of an understatement. Here was an outfit who not only managed to channel the alpha-manliness of Glen Danzig, but also demonstrated an appreciation of classic hard rock and heavy metal fundamentals that made for a very endearing proposition.

Needless to say, I wasn't the only one paying attention; cue a name-change and an arguably more serious focus on establishing themselves as a force in their own right and the Swedish foursome are back with what could easily be one of the best records of its ilk in 2011. Now operating under the distinctly more muscular moniker, Death Wolf, it seems almost fitting that their latest creation should follow suit, the opening salvo of "Circle of Abomination" and "Weaving Death" cutting a particularly punchy swathe through proceedings. "The Other Hell" meanwhile mainlines the Evil Elvis' sinister croon through a densely atmospheric, mid-tempo stomper that very nearly steals the show - until you feast your ears on "The Morning Czar Shineth", that is. Slow, brooding and dripping with coal-dark melody, it shows off Death Wolf at the peak of their powers with a chorus that's simply (black) magic.

If the name change and eponymous nature of this disc are suggesting that Death Wolf have set out to make a statement, then they've most certainly succeeded. It's a momentous step forward for the band and an opus of such quality that Danzig himself might feel in danger of being usurped.
Track Listing

1. Circle of Abomination
2. Weaving Death
3. The Other Hell
4. Morning Czar Shineth
5. Ironwood
6. Sword & Flame
7. Wolfs Pallid Sister
8. Ramsvart
9. Unto Dying Eyes
10. Black Mark
11. Come Forth By Night
12. Dawn of the Flesh


Maelstrom - Vocals
Morgan - Bass
Hrafn - Drums
Makko - Guitar

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