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January 2001
Released: 2000, Negatron Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Goddamn! What a rush! Dammercide is a new band out of Italy playing a bastardized form of death metal that is particularly intoxicating. Bastardized because there is quite a bit of melody mixed in amongst the aggression. However, the band is NOT a Swedish death metal clone. Hell no. Somehow, Dammercide has a sound all their own. For a perfect capsule of their sound, take opening track “Queen of Diamonds”. This song has it all: severe aggression, angry growls and clean singing, harsh guitars mixed with melodic leads, but it still completely avoids anything to do with 80’s true metal. Awesome.

Oh yeah, there are eight other songs on the CD too. And guess what? They’re ALL awesome! From “Wall of Hate” all the way through “Stones of Wisdom”, Dammercide keep the pedal to the metal the entire time (except for a brief interlude called “Link”). Faves include the raging “Crimson Spring” and “The Burning”. All is not uniform throughout though. The band isn’t afraid to throw in some highly dissonant passages (“Entangled Sun”) and some quirky guitar work (“Wall of Hate”). That doesn’t mean that it is perfect though. The last few songs tend to blur into each other and sound alike, but this doesn’t really hurt the album too much. Seriously, this is a GREAT fucking CD and highly recommended to anyone who likes original melodic death. Negatron Records may be a fairly new label, but with bands like Dammercide on their roster, they’ll be making a hell of a lot of noise in the near future! Oh yeah, and it kinda looks like H.R. Giger did their album cover (he didn’t).

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