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Death Shriek
Volume 1
February 2013
Released: 2012, Legacy of Death Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Before fronting bands like the phenomenal Grave Descent , and more recently Darkapathy, Dennis John Glinski cut his artistic teeth by creating and publishing underground fanzines and professional comic books throughout the 80’s and 90’s. His most recent project combines his love of death metal with his love of comic books in the form of DEATH SHRIEK, a 32-page high gloss horror themed comic book. As if that didn’t pique your interest enough, DEATH SHRIEK features 4 different stories, each of which are illustrated by indie horror luminaries like Glinski, Dave Gutierrez, Dan Dittmer, and one Mr. Kam Lee himself. Additionally, each of the 4 stories are based on a different underground death metal band’s song, all of which are included in an accompanying sampler CD. So yeah, it’s pretty friggin’ cool.

Stylistically, DEATH SHRIEK recalls the handcrafted ‘zines from back in the day. The contents are all B & W pen and ink style drawings, which if you’re old enough to remember the ‘zines I’m referring to, it should immediately throw back to some good memories. Each artist has their own distinct drawing style which makes for an entertaining read, and while the collective product has a very “indie” presentation, it doesn’t come across as sloppy or juvenile. Glinski’s even gone so far as to introduce a mascot/host for DEATH SHRIEK known as “The Mosh Keeper”, a sort of metal version of the infamous Crypt Keeper if you will. Also tucked away in the middle of the comic is a metal inspired gag mail-order insert (think the Charles Atlas, x-ray specs, and sea monkeys), and it’s pretty goddam funny. Sign me up for the Raquel Welch blow up doll and the Death Punch Mini Gauntlet please…

As fun as the read is, the included sampler CD is even more of an incentive to check this out. Featuring tunes from bands like Derketa, Grave Descent, Hubris (an amazing black metal track), Rottrevore, and even The Mosh Keeper himself, listening to the tunes while turning the pages makes for a completely geeked out metal experience. The tracks are predominantly blood, guts, and Satan inspired fare, which should give you an indication of what the illustrated contents of the comic book look like. And each of the tracks are all pretty good stuff. Aside from Grave Descent, I wasn’t familiar with any of the other groups featured on the sampler, but I’m eager to hear more from each of the featured bands.

The first issue of DEATH SHRIEK was released late last year, but as it’s identified as Volume 1, Issue No.1, I can only hope that there will be more issues to follow. I found it to be a really cool concept to introduce bands that are likely way off of your radar while promoting some talented visual artists at the same time. Do yourself a favor and order a copy through the Legacy of Death Productions website.
Track Listing

1. The Death Shriek Band – Mosh Keeper (Keeper of the Mosh)
2. Derketa – Witchburned
3. Grave Descent – Morbid Extraction
4. Hubris – Void-Caller’s Litany
5. Rottrevore – Blind Sided Attack


Mary Bielich – Guitars
Sharon Bascovsky – Guitars, Vocals
Robin Mazen – Bass
Michael Laughlin – Drums

Grave Descent
Rich Ziegler - Bass
Dennis John Glinski - Vocals
David Riccio - Drums
Jimi Vee - Lead Guitars
Adam Zebrowski – Rhythm Guitars

Melkorpse - Bass, Vocals
Deragore - Drums
Lichfiend - Guitars, Vocals
Hellskald - Guitars, Vocals

Chris Free – Bass
Chris Weber – Vocals, Guitars
Jared Lubawski - Guitars



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