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Death Requisite
April 2017
Released: 2016, Rottweiler Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Death Requisite from Florida USA have had a turbulent time up until this point having formed in 99 and released their first album in 2002, then seemingly fizzled out as a functioning band. Now, having got their act together again, Death Requisite have signed to a small independent label, Rottweiler Records.

Before today I have to admit to not being totally sold on symphonics in black/death metal, but this band isn't any one thing it seems. Death Requisite have managed to meld together symphonic black metal with melodic death metal with heavy straight up death metal riffs and gothic keyboards with a choir to boot. It's a weird mix but one that works rather well. Dimmu Borgir comes immediately to mind when the opening track and title track, Revisitation gets into full swing with a healthy dose of bands like Crematory or Vehemence.

They seem to have changed their style vocally from their passed album where it came across as more of a black metal screech. Here on Revisitation, we get some powerful but clean and understandable death metal growls.

Second track, Vivens Sanctuarium is the stand out track for me and goes on my Spotify playlist instantly. The song perfectly mixes the heavy growl of death metal with the keyboards and a more melodious and dare I say proggy guitar riff half way through the track.

I love how no one track is any one thing. Track three Veneration starts off melodic death metal, then moves into a heavy black metal beat then it's a slower doomy death metal riff ala Obituary or Autopsy then the symphonics kick in.

The album ends on a long vocal free symphonic number, which is a shame because I was just starting to get into their vocals and their shorter track style.

All in all I really liked this album and if you like Dimmu and Fleshgod Apocalypse you will love this album. I'll be definitely keeping an eye out for them in future.
Track Listing

2.Vivens Sanctuarium
4.Nova Creatione
5.Redemptio Per Deicide
6.Ineluctable Castigation


William Lee - Drums
Dave DJ Blackmore - Guitars
Joseph ov Moria - Guitars
Vincent St James - Vocals
Regnal the Just - Bass

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