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Death Mechanism
Promo 2008
September 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ready to get a bullet into your head? Ready! Steady! BANG!!

The Verona-based thrash trio Death Mechanism released their debut album, titled HUMAN ERROR...GLOBAL TERROR in 2006 in collaboration with Morbid Tales Records from Brazil, and Thrash Massacre Records from the Russian Federation - and even managed to gain some good feedback for that release. Now - 2 years later, the band returns with a new 4-song promotional CD-R release, and hoping to get the band´s name stamped on thrashers´ foreheads with deeper colors, and on a wider scale. I guess a record contract wouldn't harm them too much either... ;o)

With "Mass Slavery", which is the first song off this ferocious and absolutely hot sounding promo-CD, it all sounds like the band is seriously into what the title of the song suggests: Mass slavery; a mass slavery of old school thrashers around the world. The guys´ intention to thrash all of us down with their aggressive and fast-paced old school thrash (ála old Sadus, Morbid Saint and the like) works for me at least - being a sucker for this type of aggressive and raw thrash that I´ve always been. The other three songs, "Extinction", "Hybro Pregnancy" and "Bloody BusineSS (this song truly kicks ass in heaviness)", unleash these fellows´ fury and aggression even more for some killer old school thrash. I have to say that I really dig Pozza´s vocalism on this release. He reminds me sort of cross between Rich Noonan (Dr. Shrinker) and Darren Travis (Sadus) vocally. The riffs and solos are to-the-point and tempos are changed constantly and tastefully. Also, if you allow me to throw a relatively odd (or even perverted) comparison to Death Mechanism´s stuff, you could sort of think of now defunct Milwaukee´s own death metal heroes Dr. Shrinker and their WEDDING THE GROTESQUE demo, but with a thrashier version of it. Then you pretty much can figure out how Death Mechanism from Italy sounds like. I´m positive Death Mechanism will appeal many thrashers on the globe, and probably even beyond.

No other reasons to continue this review any further. Just thrash-tastic stuff here!
Track Listing

01. Mass Slavery
02. Extinction
03. Hybro Pregnancy
04. Bloody BusineSS


Pozza - Vocals & guitar
Simone - Bass
Manu - Drums

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