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Death Mechanism
Promo 2006
July 2006
Released: 2006, (*TBA*)
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Italy has always been one of my favorite countries as far as metal of different kinds are concerned. The country has churned out many really cool acts over the years which include bands like Necrodeath, Bulldozer, Schizo, Death SS and Stormlord - to name only a few. Oh, the Power Metal -troops Rhapsody also comes from Italy, but they are just... well, meh!

Death Mechanism, this 3-piece band from Verona, Italy, is a real ass-kicking, old-school sounding Thrash Metal band that has surely enjoyed to check through the notebooks of old Sadus, Morbid Saints, and let´s say, Dr. Shrinker (especially the band´s WEDDING THE GROTESQUE demo -era comes to my mind, but spitted out with a little bit thrashier approach). In intensity, these three Italian fellows are relatively unbeatable as far as all these newcomers in the Thrash Metal scene are concerned. I can hardly even remember when it was the last time when I came across with a band with such an enormous amount of sheer intensity and aggression in their sound. Death Mechanism offers exactly more than an acceptable lethal dose of some of those ingredients that drives you to listen to them over and over again. The band´s so-called ´kick-ass´ -value is unquestionable, no doubt! If you dare to question that fact, maybe such songs as "Antropic Collapse", "Blood Engine", "Genuin-cide", "Contaminated Soil", "War Mechanism", etc. prove you wrong afterwards then. The band´s vocalist/guitarist Pozza is also one of the most aggressive and disturbed vocal approaches I have heard for a while. In fact, Pozza sounds very much like he´d be a twin brother of Rick Noonan of the disbanded Milwaukees Dr. Shrinker. He sounds wicked, angry and - just great!

There´s no doubt Death Mechanism will get signed by the material of this high quality in no time. Someone give me 5000 bucks and I´ll release an album with them myself immediately. Death Mechanism is seriously a talented bunch of relentless fuckers that deserve to be snapped by someone soon (Hey Patrick from Old School Metal Records... Death Mechanism is definitely for you!).

Nothing else to be reported about them. Just give them a fair chance if you happen to dig an aggressive old school Thrash Metal at the finest and truest form.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Anthropic Collapse
03. Necrotechnology
04. Blood Engine
05. Genuin-cide
06. Contaminated Soil
07. Unknown Pathology
08. A Good Reason to Kill
09. The Frail Path of Peace
10. War Mechanism
11. Slaughter in the "Jet-Set"


Pozza - Vocals & guitar
Daniele - Bass
Manu - Drums

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