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Death Fist
Too Hot to Burn
November 2010
Released: 2010, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Death Fist is a female-fronted Thrash Metal act from Germany that features for instance some members from Mortal Remains and Metalucifer – and this line-up has only been formed as recently as in 2008.

This 4-piece old school Thrash troop has sunk their arms deep into the same musical pool where some of the longest running icons of the genre – Slayer, Kreator and Destruction - have drawn their rage and fury from back in the early days of the 80s. In the other words Death Fist´s old school Thrash Metal comes out into the daylight surprisingly fresh, rebellious, violent and full of anger. The song arrangements are thoroughly well done, creating a favorable starting point for the band´s attempts to share their madly thrashing assaults with a good bunch of suckers of this particular style in question.

Female vocalist Corinna sounds actually amazingly raw and tight with her screeching vocal attacks, beating many male vocalists of similar style 6-0 in Corinna´s favour. Markus on guitar knows exactly how to let his 6-stringer talk in the name of flag-raising for the 80s period of Thrash Metal, conjuring up tasteful riffs from his hotly burning shredding machine, one after another. Also, Martin on bass and Jan on drums seem to know their role in Death Fist perfectly, following the band´s well-planned old school Thrash recipe truthfully and very determinedly indeed.

TOO HOT TO BURN is a pretty damn enjoyable Thrash Metal release if you are happy getting your Thrash Metal in-yer-face, aggressive and simple enough song structure-wise – and moreover, old school sounding that most of us love more than our dear wives/girlfriends. I love this album (but still love my GF even more) – and I bet many of you will join me after hearing it. Kick-ass Thrash Metal this piece truly is – no more, or no less.
Track Listing

01. Apotheosis
02. Deathfist
03. Slay Her
04. Beast
05. Hell Is Here
06. Demons
07. Too Hot to Burn
08. Killing Time
09. Ruins
10. Prey
11. Booze Brigade
12. World of Darkness


Corinna Becker - Vocals
Markus Wichmann - Guitar
Martin Bastian - Bass
Jan Luchtenberg - Drums

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