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Death Comes Pale
World Grave
March 2015
Released: 2012, Deepsend Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Addison Herron-Wheeler

This Danish death and black metal group, Death Comes Pale, are another up-and-coming band releasing their first album through Deepsend Records. Much like the other album I reviewed from this label, Misericordia, I was a bit hesitant at first because the album cover and band and record title were not incredibly stand-out. However, much like that other release, I was also extremely gratified to have taken the time to check this out. Death Comes Pale play unforgiving blackened death metal with a melodic twist, similar to band like Black Dahlia Murder but with a renewed energy.

This record start out with a strong energy with the title track, “World Grave.” Each song clocks in at around four to six minutes, and they all feature guitar solos, melodic riffs, refrains, and other metal tropes that have becoming more and more scarce over the past few years. Some of the standout tracks on this record are “Modern Enslavement,” which is very catchy and memorable, and the soft and fading “Where the Broken Resides” at the end. As I mentioned, the cover art and creative direction is not the most groundbreaking thing ever, but if you can get past that then it is worth a listen.

I would recommend this album to those who like melodic death metal, and those who still like the sounds of bands like Black Dahlia Murder but want something that is still relevant to 2015. This may not be for everyone, but if that sounds like it is up your alley, then check this out for sure.
Track Listing

World Grave
Spawn of the Scorned
From the Lips of the Dead
Whit a Foot in the Grave
The Purification Process
Modern Enslavement
Fury of Vengeance (An Ode to Bitterness)
Pulse of Existence
Silent Genocide
Where the Broken Resides


Anders Stegmann -Bass
Lars Hjørnholm -Guitars
Bo Guldal -Guitars,
Kasper Hornstrup -Vocals
Martin Kilic -Drums



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