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Live in L.A. AND Live In Eindhoven `98 (DVD)
December 2001
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Since I picked up both of these DVDs at the same time, and watched them back-to-back, I figured it would make sense to review these together. As you know, neither of these recordings were originally meant to be put out on DVD. So don’t expect “The Matrix” like viewing/audio quality here. As a way to help Chuck financially with his ongoing battle with cancer, Chuck and his label, Nuclear Blast, decided to now make these two concerts available.

LIVE IN L.A. (Death and Raw) is the superior packaged and recorded DVD. This comes in a normal DVD case and contains 14 of Death’s best material. The sound quality on this one is VERY good. Getting to actually see Chuck play and sing the complex riffs together is in itself a treat. Watching drummer Richard Christy (Iced Earth, Burning Inside) play this stuff is also wild…he’s definitely one of the better drummers to come along in the past few years. Don’t expect huge backdrops, pyrotechnics or Chuck doing David Lee Roth splits off the drum riser (in retrospect, that would be hilarious though hah) – this is pure, unmodified, sweaty, live DEATH! In a couple places on the DVD you could tell that this was transferred from a tape to DVD…no big deal though. LIVE IN L.A. is as enjoyable to watch, as it is to listen to. The other DVD (sold separately) is LIVE IN EINDHOVEN. These 11 songs were recorded at the famous Dynamo festival in 1998. The performance here is just as good and the picture is also good but the sound is not as awesome as on the LIVE IN L.A. DVD. In a few places where they show Richard drumming, the hitting of the snare is not in time with what you hear…yes he plays fast, but not faster then the speed of sound! These are only minor annoyances, and not anything to really affect my viewing enjoyment. The EINDHOVEN DVD is not packaged in a proper DVD case but is in a simple cardboard sleeve. I believe this was done in an effort to cut costs so the DVD wouldn’t be so expensive. Too bad, but still, having TWO Death DVD’s to watch is a gift in itself!!! The only thing missing from the DVD’s are videos. It would have been nice to have all the Death videos on one of them as a bonus treat!! I know I expect a lot, but as a Death freak what can you expect?

Since the reason behind these releases is to help out Chuck Schuldiner in his battle against a real evil in this world, namely cancer, I’ll end this review with information on how you can help.

Information on the "Charles Schuldiner Medical Fund" is as follows:

Washington Mutual Bank

500 East Alta Drive

Altamonte Springs, FL. 32701

Bank routing number: 321180748

Account number: 3513564696

Hammerheart America, PO Box 42323, Pittsburgh PA 15203

(412) 390-4088,

Here’s some extra info on the LIVE IN EINDHOVEN (DVD and CD) from Nuclear Blast:

Nuclear Blast Records along with Chuck Schuldiner will release an additional live CD/DVD `Live in Eindhoven` specifically to help Chuck finance his cancer therapy. $2.50 of each CD/DVD will be donated directly to the Chuck Schuldiner Medical Fund.

This album is not available in stores and is only available directly from Nuclear Blast. The price is 14,99 DM / $7 for CD and 24,99 DM / $12 for DVD plus shipping costs. The disc was made available on October 29th, 2001. Both formats are packed in slip sleeves.

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