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Dear Diary
Dear Diary
March 2011
Released: 2010, Eonian Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There is a new, young upstart label on the block and they are called Eonian Records. This US based label is specializing in melodic late 80’s, early 90’s American Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. They have put out a batch of great albums and over the next three months (March-May, 2011) we are going to look at nine of their most recent releases. This month (March, 2011) we will take a look at the bands Charlotte, Dear Diary and Felony.

Sometimes a bands name can make a difference in a make or break situation (Getting signed or being bought at a record store) and Dear Diary might be one of those times. It’s a weaker name and the album cover art while good is ambivalent. It looks like the cover of a number of Italian Progressive Power Metal bands, which doesn’t really reflect the music inside. The self-titled album from 1991 or so is one of the few packages from Eonain that is lacking is the presentation department. Not much info is included, just a few black and white photos.

It’s a straight-ahead album, 10 tracks, 45 minutes of average melodic hard rock. These five dues from Chicago followed a familiar route of various gigs, demos, band member changes before settling in and recording the debut.

Dear Diary are a bit more mature and sophisticated than some of the other bands of the era. The lyrics aren’t quite as juvenile (which are still fun) but they took a slightly higher road. The band has a wider range of influences than just sleazy good times rock ‘n’ roll. My favorite track is ‘Tanqueray Tina’ or perhaps ‘Momma Said’ which show a bit more energy than the other tunes. The pace on trhe whole album is pretty slow.

The performances are commendable but seem to lack a bit of fire. I imagine these tunes would translate well in a packed sweaty bar but on disc some of them fall a bit short of the mark. DEAR DIARY seems to have fallen between the cracks of uber-melodic AOR and street based glam thrash rock. They try to balance the two but neither clicks. The result is a bit uninspired. The songs aren’t bad but a strong producer pushing the guys might have had a better result.

With most of the Eonian bands I wonder why they didn’t get signed to a major but with Dear Diary I can hear why they didn’t quite make the big leagues. It was a very competitive era and while they do the job this is one of the bands that left me expecting more.

Join us again in April for reviews of more Eonian artists, Legacy, Sgt. Roxx and Shake City.
Track Listing

1. I Wanna Know
2. Mama Said
3. Slow Down
4. Tangueray Tina
5. One Step Closer
6. Red Rose Burn
7. Dream in Colors
8. Shiny Like Bubble Glass
9. She Danced For Me
10. Plain to See


Jeff Evans - Vocals
Dave Schafer - Guitar
Nick Panos - Guitar
Mike Levin - Bass
Vince Consolo - Drums

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