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End of Ages
May 2000
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Do you ever just pick up a CD that you would not normally listen to and immediately become totally enthralled with it? This is what happened with this CD from the band Deamon. I am normally a big powermetal freak but I do have a weakness for great thrash and these guys deilver. Deamon hail from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and prove that metal is still alive and prospering in the land of the maple leaf. The band consists of Cory Malone - Vocals & Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Matt Ralph - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Jose Gogniat - Backing Vocals & Bass and James Mace - Drums. Deamon formed in 1997 and have evolved into a technical death/thrash metal outfit.

"End of Ages" consists of four songs that clock in at 14 min and 4 secs. The CD opener is the title track and it is a rip snorter of a tune with the requisite "vocals from hell" by Cory Malone. The song has a slight Carcass feel and is a strong opener for the disc. Devolved is up next. The highlight of this track is the excellent drumming of James Mace. The man has feet of fury and is not afraid to use them. The guitar solo also has that slight slayer feel with the use of the whammy bar. "Bleeding Thoughts" is a thrashier track that just makes you want to bang your head. I am getting a bad neck listening to this disc!! "Inheritance" opens up with a slower more atmospheric intro but then quickly returns to a more up tempo riff. Malone rips through the vocal like a monster truck crushing a Volkswagen Ahh .. Pure metal pleasure.

If your looking for some good technical thrash/death metal than this is a great CD to pick up. Even though its an independent release it has a great production that loses none of the power of the performances. The musicians themselves are all above average and Cory Malone does the death metal growl without being overbearing and annoying. For some neck wrecking, headbanging pleasure check out Deamon. If you would like to know more about these guys check out their website at
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by Rick

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