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The Venom Divine
September 2004
Released: 2004, Lifeforce
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

Wow, this is a disappointment, eh? I was thunderstruck by this bands debut ep, and even interviewed the boys for this very publication. I expected great things from this, but unfortunately remain thoroughly disappointed. I'll give the band some leeway, considering THE VENOM DIVINE is their debut lp, but after such an intense first step, it's a real shame that the band had to stumble so much here.

The problem here isn't so much that this is a bad record, than the fact that it's such a cliche one. It sounds just how modern day metalcore is supposed to sound. There are moments where things begin to pick up, such as on the speedy "Grey Cube"(complete with guitar solo), but overall the tempo of THE VENOM DIVINE stays at a boringly moshy mid pace. The reason why I dug the FOREVER THE ENEMY ep so much was that it basically sounded like a thrash metal record with Hatebreed-esque breakdowns. On THE VENOM DIVINE, the speed has generally been eliminate in favor of either emo-metal squeaking(see the lame opening riff to "Hellsphere") or overdone slow-slower sections.

Another problem I have with this record is the addition of new vocalist Friedrich Weber. The man does nothing to enhance Deadsoil's formerly strong sound. Instead, he pushes it further into the dirt with his sub-par screaming. Not even the addition of ex Night In Gales guitarist Jens Basten(who rejoins his old drummer Christian Bass in the ranks) can save THE VENOM DIVINE from being a sub-par follow up to a strong opening shot. Oh well...better luck next time.--mg
Track Listing

1. Enemies Will Suffer
2. The Promise
3. History Retold
4. Hate
5. Grey Cube
6. Hellsphere
7. Demons Hands
8. The Absolute Never
9. Despise the Logic


Boris Pracht--guitar
Jens Basten--guitar
Friedrich Weber--vocals
Stefan Eutebach--bass
Christian Bass--drums

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