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Off The Deep End
September 2000
Released: 1999, W.I.L.L. Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Formed in '98 in San Antonio, Texas, these four guys have put together a great start for a new band. Incorporating thrash, death, hardcore, and a 90's metal groove the band is comparable to the likes of Sepultura or Machine Head without sounding like a copy of either band. The band is made up of Gordon Ireland on lead vocals, Carlos Lopez on guitar, Mike Lopez on bass and Chris Wolfe on drums and backing vocals.

Although this CD is a solid release it didn't really grab me. There are some cool songs and some so-so songs. The CD begins with an out-take from the movie Aliens 3 - the one where Ripley is in the prison colony. I love the Aliens movies so immediately I was paying attention. After this intro the song "Dust" cuts in and it's probably the best track on the CD from it's aggressive riffing to the gruff vocals mixed with the deep paired up vocals on the chorus. Many songs on the CD sound more like hardcore metal which is not really my thing....because of the hardcore. Someone recently said to me "the less pure metal something is, the less you like it" well like...DUH!!!!!! I'm a metalhead after all, and not into it follows that the more "metal" a band is the more I'm gonna dig it. DEAdpOOL are for the most part a metal band, thus my reason for liking them to a certain degree. The only song on the CD that I really don't like is "Shadows and Walls" which sounds too much like that mall-core / nu-metal / false-metal crap to me. The track "D.T." is another of the songs on the CD that stuck with me, even though the intro with the ancient sounding violin made me ill, sounds like it was played by a mental patient. After that the song picks up and has some really, really cool drumming and fills throughout the song. This song also has an impressive solo, especially the part where the lead sounds doubled up at the end. There could of been a few more solos on the CD, cause there's nothing like a good ripping solo! The CD closer "Shallow" is also one of the CD's better tracks thanks to the galloping thrash rhythms.

Although this band is typical of many of the hardcore-metal bands coming from the USA these days, I would put DEAdpOOL near the top of the heap. Why you ask? Well #1: there's no rapping or trendy K**nisms. #2: These guys have influences from other METAL styles. #3: They can play their instruments, especially the drummer!! If you like aggressive 90's metal then this band is one to watch.
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» Off The Deep End
by EvilG

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