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Deadly Sin
Diamonds And Tyrants
December 2000
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Germany's Deadly Sin play straight up heavy metal with some power metal overtones and at times more hard rock leanings. Songs like "Diamonds and Tyrants" (which has an excellent memorable chorus) is more power metal while "Cosmos/Chaos" is more straight up metal. I love the galloping styled riffing here with the way the chords slide around....very tasty sounding and melodic. This song even has clean guitar and some of that machine gun riffing with the double kicks following it...a very diverse song and very well structured. Then their is the song "Lying Here" which sounds like a hard rock song and to me is the weakest moment on the CD. Well, if you're a fan of hard rock, maybe you'd consider this the CD's strong point?!?! The song "Your Devils Grin" sounds like it was totally inspired by Motorhead's classic tune, "Orgasmatron." They have made it sound more hard rock until the double kicks come in. Over this part the backing vocals sound like some kinda demon...pretty cool and different. "The Angel Dies", the last track on the CD, starts out with a bang and is perhaps the best track on here. Full of speedy drumming, excellent guitar riffing...the vocals are good but if they were a bit stronger it would make this song even more impressive. If this CD were full of songs like "The Angel Dies" and "Diamonds And Tyrants" I would of loved this album a lot more. Still though, for a young new band this is impressive! With a bit more maturing and musical growth this band could be one of the next big things. It will be a hard road for them because there are just so many bands in this genre right now and they are all looking for attention! This is not a bad thing, this is how it should be because the more REAL metal bands like Deadly Sin that are out there, the stronger the scene will be! Keep up the great work guys, I look forward to hearing your next offering!!

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