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Deadly Carnage
Sentiero II: Ceneri
March 2012
Released: 2011, ATMF (De Tenebrarum Principio)
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Deadly Carnage were formed in December 2005 by members Adres (Bass) and Marco (Drums) who wanted to create a personal Black Metal contaminated by other musical genres (above all Doom) with a sound modern and atmospheric to exit from the standard of genre for something new. In 2006 Nicholas (Guitars) joined in the band with the line up being completing by Marcello (Vocals).

After producing various releases, in 2009 saw the band produce their first full-length album ‘Decadenza’ in tape version which was limited to 1000 copies. After Ai August signs with Dark Babel Records of Massimo Demma and in December Alexios (Guitars) joined in the band as second guitarist.

2010 saw ‘Decadenza’ limited to 700 hand-numbered copies and in November the band sign for Italian label ATMF (De Tenebrarum Principio).

It was in September 2011 the bands second album Sentiero II: Ceneri was released, and was produced by ATMF.

Although I love Black Metal with a passion I have to say I’ve not heard from these guys before, but im glad I have found them now. From the rumbling deep sounds of the first track ‘Guilt of Discipline’ the song starts with the dirty black metal screams and vocals of Marcello, which instantly made me sit up and take notice. The drumming from Marco is fast and has a raw like quality to it and this is the same with the rest of the members, which is always preferred within the Black Metal community.

With there only being 6 tracks, each song is an average of 7minutues long with there being some lovely instrumental breaks throughout the album. Marcello’s vocals remain strong and gritty with some great Guitaring and riffs thrown in there, with some dark lyrics such as ‘Wait here in this hell, With the dark standards of despair, Storms of legal hatred, Turn the dead utopia to the master; from Track 1 ‘Guilt of Discipline’ and ‘It pierces my heart, Infests and expands by its disease, Now the sky is burning, Blood rains in two ways from Track 5 - Growth and New Gods, which were all written by Marcello.

The ending of the album was a surprise to me with the band taking on a totally different sound and direction with their last Track 6 – Ceneri; which was sung entirely in Italian, so I had no idea what they were saying, but that didn’t stop me loving this and was surprisingly infact one of my favourite tracks on this album. The band ended the album on a soft, atmospheric note with Marcello taking on a totally different vocal style, which ended the album perfectly, showing the versatility of this band showing Black/Doom Metal and Acoustics elements.

The only thing that did put me off this album was the speaking in one of the tracks. I just felt it wasn’t evil sounding enough or have enough impact to it…maybe whispering would’ve been better over the other members playing? As there is no denying Marcello black metal vocals. There are some weak Guitaring moments in the songs, with the band taking a softer approach that I have loved with some other black metal bands but I just didn’t feel the band pulling that side off too well, but saying that everything else about them is great.

After hearing the album the first time, I did think the album was going to lose energy fast, but it was Track 3 – ‘Epitaph Part I’ which picked it back up and stays strong with a deep dark sound throughout with the fourth track ‘Epitaph Part II’ having more of an acoustic feel to it, which soon gets taken over by the sounds of the electric guitars and I love how each track ends with a slow outro, bringing in the next song nicely and flowing into each other.

It is obvious that Deadly Carnage are not your typical black metal band, as there is a lot they have to offer. ‘Sentiero II: Ceneri’ is one album that will be added to my personal collection and I strongly suggest you check these guys out!

In the original CD there is a bonus track with the official video of “Growth and New Gods” in HD & can be viewed here: Deadly Carnage - Growth And New Gods:

Review by: Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1 – Guilt of Discipline
2 – Parallels (Hands wide Open – Hope – Coal of Man)
3 – Epitaph Part I
4 – Epitaph Part II
5 – Growth and New Gods
6 – Ceneri


Marcello – Lead Vocals
Dave – Guitars, Second Vocals
Alexios – Guitars, Keyboards, Second Vocals
Adres – Bass, Noise
Marco – Drums



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