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February 2006
Released: 2005, GMR Music Group
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

TTHHHRRAASSHHHH....!!!!!!! This one word should easily sum up the content for these absolutely relentless Dutch thrashers Deadhead´s new album titled HAATLAND. I don´t know how I succeeded in escaping to not check this record any earlier, but better late than never as some smartass Einstein once stated.

Deadhead´s HAATLAND, which happens to be the band´s 4th full-length Thrash -package in their history, which started as early as April 8th 1989 in Kampen., is actually everything that I love and adore in a well-made and REAL sounding Thrash Metal: It´s got an essential amount of aggression, brutality, catchiness and a good, punishing vibe raging through the whole album non-stop - and the most important thing, it never grows old at any point when spinning the record from start to finish. Content-wise, HAATLAND reminds me of all that why I have always found 80´s -tinged Thrash Metal closest to my heart and soul; lifting up such names on the table as early Kreator, Invocator, Sadus, Morbid Saint, Demolition Hammer and Num Skull as fair comparisons. I mean, some of these Thrash Metal acts that basically did their best works in the ´80s era of metal, or at least they knew once how to do it right without sounding too polished, or watered-down, or pussy for more commercial ears. If you haven´t heard any of the band´s previous works before, then start from HAATLAND because it´s easily their best work to date. For some strange reason, none of their earlier albums succeeded in winning my undivided interest for their side; they were pretty sort of ´warm-up´ releases for me. But HAATLAND truly did. It actually impaled my heart to it for eternity.

As for the songs on HAATLAND, I think it´s completely unnecessary to define some detailed musical ingredients for them piece by piece simply because each track they have got in for this killer Thrash Metal -slab, has truly earned its own privileged place on the album. As a suggestive yet useful tip, I can only say each of the songs´ intensity level is so high that it puts blood pumping in your blood circulating system more effective way than, let´s say, think of yourself in the middle of vast open sea, surrounded by an army of strong and hungry white sharks after for a delicious piece of fresh meat for dinner. Oh, and you had just realized you had started bleeding blood from your nose a couple of minutes ago... and the water around you started turning red inch by inch. Is that enough for your imagination? ;=)

I count on you now that you know what to do next if you still haven´t heard probably the best Thrash Metal album of 2005... ;=)
Track Listing

01. Faust II
02. Montana
03. Phantom Palace
04. Supreme Forgery
05. Last Server Down
06. Serial Divorce
07. Mesfeken
08. Dog God
09. Desire
10. Nosferatu


Tom Van Dijk - Vocals, bass
Ronnie Van Der Wey - Guitars
Robbie Woning- Guitars
Hans Spijker - Drums

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