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Depression Tank
March 2009
Released: 2009, Displeased Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The 5th full-length release - in order, from Holland´s most wellknown thrash metal act, Deadhead, also marks the band´s 20th year of existence since they started out back in 1989. The band has always been a greatly respected force in the thrash/death metal scene for two decades, due to their uncompromising and killer releases they have thrown our way for all these past years.

DEPRESSIVE TANK, also introduces us Deadhead´s new vocalist Ralph de Boer, who replaced the band´s original shouter Tom. For whatever reasons, Tom left during the recording session of DEPRESSIVE TANK before the album even got finished completely. So, after he walked out from the band, Ralph entered and re-recorded the vocals for the songs on Deadhead´s latest studio effort. Gotta admit that Ralph sounds at least equally as good as Tom did when he still was in the band. Aggressive and full of hate and anger. Those elements should qualify enough for a thrash vocalist, right? ;o)

And speaking of the album itself more accurately, DEPRESSIVE TANK is no less than a murderous package of truly aggressive, adrenaline-pumped up and intense thrash metal that is meant to hit harder on you than 68 pairs of wet rags against your amazed face. Deadhead don´t make any apologies or excuses to anyone for their unashamed rage in their songs on DEPRESSIVE TANK. Their gas pedal is pushed to the max position, and they have no intention to stop for a second so that you could get a chance to take another breath while their relentless thrash ride is going on on their latest studio effort.

Deadhead have always counted on rapid adrenaline rushes in their thrash outbursts, and their new stuff on DEPRESSIVE TANK, doesn´t make any exception either. All of their songs on the record are based on speed, fast riffs, aggressive vocal parts, striking and short solos - except one song, called "Nero Dies" that actually is one of the few mid-tempo tracks they have ever penned down during their 20-years career. Also, it´s cool that they have reworked with one of their earliest songs for this release, that song being named "Pesticide", staying somewhat loyal to the original structure of the song.

I´m 100% positive that especially the fans of early Invocator, Morbid Saint, early Sadus, Exumer, early Slayer and a few other names that I cannot recall right at the very moment, will find much enjoyment from this Deadhead´s absolutely killer 5th album. The album´s got ´100% kill value guaranteed´ stamped all over it. Thanks Deadhead for this! The album absolutely blew me away!! OH F**K...!!!
Track Listing

01. Dissolved in Purity
02. Green Angel
03. Cryptocynic
04. The Swing
05. Daemonique
06. Firegate
07. Less than Zero
08. Hateland
09. Nero Dies
10. Murder
11. Pesticide


Ralph de Boer - Vocals and bass
Ronnie van der Wey - Guitar
Robbie Woning - Guitar
Hans Spijker - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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