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June 2005
Released: 2005, Sylphony Creations
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“In the name of hysterical aggression and brutality we trust...” might be a perfect motto for this 4-piece German Death Metal blitzkrieg troop more familiarly known as Deadborn. Seriously, I had no idea that a band like Deadborn could come from Germany because I think there´s nothing German sounding about them. Or maybe it´s just me who has been isolated for way too long time from the world, having no clue how the Metal scenes have been evolving in different countries? Nah, whatever...

Deadborn´s main focus musically is on an aggressive, technical and very triggering Death Metal delivery that contains a pile of very demanding elements from every musician playing-wise. It sounds like their razor-sharp Death Metal blazes and blusters toward every possible direction constantly, but still in an admirably controlled way. The guys´ playing is extremely tight and focused and it can easily be heard from everything on this 4-track mini-CD titled DECAPITATION OF DECADES that the band hasn´t rushed into things when being both inside and outside of the studio. Listening to a huge and furious riff-fest that they have going on f.ex. in such songs as “Decades of Decapitation” and “Thorns of Inner Fear”, I can´t help comparing them to “Conquering the Throne” –era Hate Eternal as they obviously has a thing or two in common with Eric´s hateful combo of death. Also, one other progressive US Death Metal act comes to mind technical-wise and that´s Necrophagist, but without any wishy-washy jazzy-tinged parts. The riff work in “Inborn Contempt”, reminds me of something Canadian techno-thrashers Obliveon did on their brilliant NEMESIS album, so we indeed have a quite special package here, don´t you think?

Sure, powerful, ear-nailing and tremendously tricky and technical Death Metal has been created before, but I guess it´s been a while since a German Death Metal band has managed to bring an utter technicality of Death Metal on this uncompromisingly demanding and even sort of ´kinky´ sounding level. The Deadborn -blokes have truly challanged themselves as a bunch of killer song writers on DECADES OF DECAPITATION and this mini-CD left me hungry for more, no doubt!

So shall Death Metal rise boldly again via this fine German Death Metal act Deadborn... raising high, sounding hellishly wicked, enthusiastically attitude-driven - and even more often if my wish just could be their command to be obeyed for... ;=)
Track Listing

01. Condemned to Perdition
02. Inborn Contempt
03. Decades of Decapitation
04. Thorns of Inner Fear


Mario Petrovic – Vocals
Jo Morath – Guitars
Jan Maier – Bass
Slavek Foltyn – Drums

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