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The Head and the Heart
November 2005
Released: 2005, Codebreaker Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

There is an insidious side of the heavy music scene that is slightly different than you’re typical metal. It doesn’t have catchy riffs, melodic solos, or vocals acrobatics, nor does it have screeches and keyboards. Filled with howling – both musically and vocally, this side of the metal takes a very specific person to get into it. There are some well known bands that dwell in this murk – Neurosis and Isis to name but two. Now, with their spectacularly named debut, we can add Fayetteville, Arkansas’s Deadbird to the list of sonic terrorists.

Blazing with dissonance and anger, THE HEAD AND THE HEART travels the same scarred mindscapes as Rabies Caste or Neurosis, spinning skull warping musical tapestries that either draw you in immediately or push you away just as quickly. Count me in the latter group, as most of the songs on here just bore the living shit out of me with the same monotonous yelling belted atop of plodding riff after similar plodding riff. Of course, the occasional quiet interlude breaks up the proceedings (signifying an attempt at dynamics, I’m sure), but things stay basically the same over the course of the disc’s 47 minutes.

This just isn’t my thing. There are those out there that go absolutely nuts over this stuff – you know who you are. If the aforementioned bands are your choice for a mindfuck, then Deadbird will certainly appeal to your twisted tastes, everyone else can avoid Deadbird like they’ve done for every other band like them.
Track Listing

1) Sadness Distilled
2) Rorschach Sky
3) Mount Zero (Is Burning)
4) 1332
5) Illuminate the Decay
6) Eclipse of the Rye
7) See You In the Hot Country
8) The Head and the Heart


Chuch Schaaf: Vocals, Guitars
Phillip Schaaf: Drums, Vocals
Alan Short: Guitars, Vocals
Todd Bohannon: Bass

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