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Dead Soul Tribe
The Dead Word
December 2005
Released: 2005, Insideout Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

This is definitely not background music. This is the kind of music that you listen to when you want your mind to bend and your brain to wander in new and dark places. Dead Soul Tribe is not for those that want a background soundtrack to their life, music to play while they brush their teeth or cook dinner. Dead Soul Tribe, and more specifically main man Devon Graves, creates music that is neither easy to access nor easy to forget. THE DEAD WORD is Graves 4th trip into the dark recesses of his musical abyss and it could well be his most accessible yet. Not that DST will appeal to everyone but compared to most other “prog” releases Graves has chosen to give his music less of a technical edge which allows the songs themselves to develop along their own strange paths.

After a brief intro the CD really kicks off with the first single “A Flight on an Angel’s Wings”. This is a “typical” Dead Soul Tribe if there can be such a thing with heavy and intricate drum patterns courtesy of Adel Moustafa to compliment a haunting vocal performance from Graves. “Let the Hammer Fall” carries on with great riffing from Graves which makes this one of the heavier tracks on the CD. But heavy is not Dead Soul Tribe’s bread and butter. It is on the slower and darker tracks that Graves really shines. The centerpiece of the Dead Word has to be the truly haunting “To My Beloved”. With each spin of this CD I kept coming back to this song for its somber and emotionally agonizing performance from Graves. Though Graves deals with the darker side of the emotional spectrum with most of his songs for some reason this one just connected on some level that transcends the music and touches the soul.

To do a review for a Dead Soul Tribe CD is almost an injustice to the band. What I take away from this release will most assuredly be different than what every other listener takes away. Graves speaks of his music in poetic terms and that is a description that I have trouble disagreeing with. This release brings even more of Grave’s haunting persona forward and proves that he is one of music’s great minds.
Track Listing

I. Prelude: Time and Pressure 1:40
II. A Flight on an Angels Wing 4:31
III. To My Beloved… 5:56
IV. Don’t You Ever Hurt? 4:56
V. Some Sane Advice 3:57
VI. Let the Hammer Fall 4:03
VII. Waiting in Line 6:34
VIII. Someday 1:34
IX. My Dying Wish 4:01
X. A Fistful of Bended Nails 5:25
XI. The Long Ride Home 4:20


Devon Graves: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Flute
Drums Adele Moustafa

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