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Dead Silent
The Island
November 2015
Released: 2015, Independant
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Dead Silent is a Thrash metal band from the Portuguese island of Madeira. Formed from the ashes of various local metal bands, Dead Silent got together and released a single called Disarray in November of last year. This single features on their new album released in July of this year. The band is a four piece with the vocalist Dario also playing bass.

Reading through the bio and track listing while playing the album I noted the song titles such as A Song for Victory, Puzzled and the best song title, Colossal Pain that sounds like a Kreator song title.

Although they class themselves as Thrash, and they have some late 80s influences there are some Pantera vibes and some melodeath guitar harmonies. I can hear the influence of certain bands but can't quite pinpoint one exact band they sound like.

First song, Among Shadows starts with pounding drums and a scream, the vocals fading in Sepultura style before kicking into an aggressive tune with a surprising amount of groove. The song fades out at the end instead of an abrupt ending. This does not happen much these days and maybe shows how learned these guys are regarding their metal.

Second song, Disarray is my favourite track on the album. Its mix of aggressive vocals and melodic guitar harmonies suit the song. It also avoids the trap of overusing an idea (Metallica take note). By the fourth and fifth track I start to think that more variation in the vocals are needed. Possibly adding short guitar breaks as opposed to vocals. I also think the speed of the album is a bit too mid-paced. A bit more speed would have helped.

The production on this album is excellent, the playing is flawless and the guitar tones are rich, mixing heaviness with melody. In fact I would suggest the production is better than some recent albums by bigger bands. The drumming is tight and spot, the artwork and presentation is top notch. They have worked hard in every aspect.

The band has a direction, and despite some reservations this is a band that deserves lots more recognition.
Track Listing

1) Among Shadows
2) Disarry
3) Puzzled
4) Godless
5) My Scapegoat
6) Colossal Pain
7) A Song for Victory
8) The Island


Jorge Abreu - drums / backing vocals
Saul Ciare - Lead & Rhythm guitar
Eurico Santos - Lead & Rhythm guitar / backing vocals
Dario - Lead & backing vocals / bass

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