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Dead Shape Figure
The Disease of St. Vitus
November 2010
Released: 2010, Dynamic Arts Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Technical and modern Thrash/Death Metal can sometimes be pretty appealing – and having spent the last few hours with the Finnish quintet Dead Shape Figure, listening to their latest 2nd album, THE DISEASE OF ST. VITUS, I need to confess openly that I felt pretty damn entertained myself.

The musicianship in Dead Shape Figure is on a high-caliber level both technical- and idea-wise. The playing is overall very sharp and tight; you can hardly find anything to complain about these guys´ skills as experienced and professional musicians – and especially the band´s guitar duo Juhani and Kride can both be credited for churning out blistering tornadoes of riffs and lightning-sharp solos through every song on the band´s new album. Their aggressive playing style truly appeals to me a lot. It´s nothing new to them being riders of the storm as far as their violent and shredding guitar work is concerned.

There´s also a fair amount of effort on this record to touch the edges of originality and uniqueness, in order to make the band stand out from the masses a little bit. Finns have always been pretty darn good at this originality department, even if sometimes they tend go over the line of tolerance in which things start turning radically against them, in a negative way. I don´t know what D.S.F.´s primary purpose has been when they have used these annoying rap type of vocals here and there in some of their songs on THE DISEASE? They pretty much ruin a full enjoyment for me personally on this record anyway, and the band would definitely sound way better, and, first and foremost, much more convincing without them. They would just have been better to leave these types of vocal parts outside of their sound. Metal and rap means a failed concept if one was not aware of that before. Also, it´s kinda hard for me to find any justification for using some nonsense spoken Finnish words in a song called “Shrouds”. We already have one Stam1na here in Finland (which is certainly enough for my nerves), so let´s leave this type of mumbling for them exclusively.

There´s a lot of both good and less good things on Dead Shape Figure´s new album, and I hope they could concentrate more on good things in the future – that is to say forgetting specifically those idle and annoying rap vocalism as a part of their sound – and simply concentrating on the basics where they are already very strong and professionals at. Besides, rapping is not metal.
Track Listing

01. Suicide
02. Seraphim
03. Face on the Nails
04. Felix Culpa
05. Amberstar
06. Madonna of Seven Sorrows
07. Idiopolis
08. Shrouds
09. Cities of the Plain


Galzi Kallio - Vocals
Juhani - Guitar
Kride - Guitar
E.Talvitie - Bass
Mohkis - Drums

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