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Dead Conspiracy
Dead Conspiracy
December 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Grizzled Death Metal veterans Dead Conspiracy return with their ferocious new self-titled album. Hailing from Portland USA, this wizened crew have been around since 1986. Their pedigree is unquestionable, and their credibility impeccable.

The album opens with "Blood Everywhere", a plasma soaked trainwreck of a track. The band's old school mindest is readily apparent here as the sound betrays the influence of 80s Thrash, in particular "Pleasure To Kill" era Kreator. Next up is "In The Wake Of The Butcher", a feral, snarling rabid wolverine like maelstrom of malevolence, and "The Earth Rots In A Grave", a hardcore -tinged, melody free escapade into nihility. Following on from this is "Cruelty Through Ripping Torture", which reminded me of a gnarled old oak tree being torn apart by a tornado.The carnage continues with "Born Again Massacre" which comes on like Slayer on a serious caffeine kick; an uncompromising neck snapper.

"Antitain/Vultures Feeding" offers a welcome change of pace, with it's classical guitar intro, and melodic sense. It remains midpace throughout amd recalls vintage Death (as in Chuck and co). Normal service is resumed with "The Edge Of Darkness", a frothing whirlpool out of which nothing can escape. "Crawling Dread" brings to mind a crocodile snapping its jaws shut and engaging a death roll.

The album is concluded with "Paralyzed With Terror", a frantic hellride which grabs you like a ragdoll and shakes you until you are dead dead dead!

There is much to enthuse about on "Dead Conspiracy". Its sound is rooted in the 1980s; buzzsaw guitars and throbbing bass abounding. The vocals are borderline psychotic, and fit the music to a T. However, the album as a whole is like the aural equivalent of a riot. Like being kicked in the head repeatedly for forty minutes. If this sounds like your kind of carnage then this is an album you will want to seek out.

Review by Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1. Blood Everywhere
2. In The Wake Of The Butcher
3. The Earth Rots In A Grave
4 Cruelty Through Ripping Torture
5. Born Again Massacre
6. Antitam/Vultures Feeding
7. The Edge Of Darkness
8. Crawling Dread
9. Paralyzed With Terror


Eric Dorsett - Bass
Eric A. - Drums
Mike Abominator - Vocals
Chris Carey - Guitars
Jeff Taylor - Guitars



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