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Dead at the Scene
September 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

SHARKTOPUS. What a freaking awesome concept that is, some crazy hybrid of a killer shark and an octopus that just happens to be the title of Dead at the Scene’s debut EP. A five piece from Edinburgh, UK, Dead at the Scene is kind of a tough band to pigeonhole. Blending elements of hardcore, metal, and a fair dose of progressive melody, it’d be criminally unfair to dismiss the band as screamo mall-core, but it’d be just as unfair to drop them into any one of the aforementioned genres. In any event, the five tracks on SHARKTOPUS are all well crafted and enjoyable romps.

Opening track “Daae” is a good benchmark for what the band’s all about. Flipping the switch between aggression and melody, the band mixes up the song structure with both chugtastic guitars and some gorgeous mellowed arrangements. Yeah, it’s been done before, but it doesn’t come across as gimmicky and it works in the context of the songs. BTW there’s also a promo video for the track available on the band’s website worth checking out, it’s pretty impressive. “Echoes” is probably my favorite track of the lot, as it runs the widest musical gamut across its 4:49. “Fireworks” is an instrumental number that segues from the end of its predecessor and is an almost gentle, ballad style effort. It might sound out of place on paper, but it shows that the band has a definite ear for melody. “Turns Out He’s Luke’s Father” (that’s a Star Wars reference for you non-geeks), and “Paint the Sky” close out the EP, the latter featuring a tremendous crescendo at the end of the track that really grabs you.

Oh yeah, and there’s a sharktopus getting ready to eat a ship on the album cover. That alone should make you want to check out Dead at the Scene, but if that’s not enough, the actual music itself might be enough to sway you. While there’s a lot of similar minded bands currently mulling around the heavy music scene, SHARKTOPUS is a smart first entry from a band trying to make its mark. Check out Dead at the Scene’s website for more info on where to pick up a copy.
Track Listing

4.Turns Out He’s Luke’s Father
5.Paint the Sky


Barry Thompson - Bass
Keith Muddiman - Vocals
Kris Kournavos - Guitars
Ryan Stredwick - Guitars
Sean McDonald - Drums

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