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The Contract
July 2015
Released: 2015, Revival Metal Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Damaj is a four piece band that hails from Greenock, Scotland, playing a style of Heavy Metal that is more akin to melodic thrash metal. The band has been gigging and playing since 2013, so they have had time to hone their craft and make sure everything on here sounds just right. While they may be a “young” band, they have spent the time putting a lot of effort and energy into this band, including being able to headline the Feria Del Disco of Valladolid, Spain.

The album itself is a short listen, but sometimes the term “less is more” is a great mantra, and here it works in the band’s favor. Starting off with the track "Drink or Die", we get a nice little intro before getting into the music. Right away, we hear the style of thrash, along with a melodic side to it. The combination is interesting, and worthwhile. I found that once the solo starts up, it caught more of my attention than before.

The one positive I do get out of this is the guitar work, it’s solid and enjoyable throughout the album. There isn’t a time where I felt it went too long or wasn’t up to par with the music that accompanied it. I’m also a fan of how the album improves from song to song. It got better as it played on.

One thing I found odd was the ending of each track came out of nowhere. This was most noticeable for the track "For the Wicked", as it has a nice solo at the end, but then just ends. Perhaps I wanted a little more out the songs, but it’s a minor complaint.

For what is presented here, it shows that it is from a band that has put hard work into being a metal band. Although the sound quality isn’t the absolute best, it is presented here in a way that is fitting for the album.

With the work that the members of Damaj are putting into the band and their music, this is a solid album for the band. It’s also a worthwhile pickup for anyone who is a fan of thrash or heavy metal music (or both!)
Track Listing

1. Drink or Die
2. The Contract
3. Give Me Time
4. For The Wicked


James Haggart (lead guitar/backing vocals)
Daniel Stewart (rhythm guitar/lead vocals)
David Douglas (Bass guitar)
Mark Williamson (Drums)

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