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De Profundis
The Emptiness Within
September 2012
Released: 2012, Kolony Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

De Profundis always split listeners, some hate them, others love them. There’s a very simple reason for that, what De Profundis produce does not always sit comfortably on the ear and I guess that that’s the point, in the chaos there presumably lies some kind of beauty within, whether or not you see that beauty depends on how much time you are willing to devote trying to find it. Unfortunately that beauty must be buried deep, I’ve given more than enough time to the joyless pursuit of trying to find it and I’m still no closer.

It would be a pretty safe bet that Enslaved rank pretty highly on the Londoner’s list of inspirations as progressive Black Metal pulses through their veins, but where Enslaved seem to hit the right note every time, De Profundis seem to keep coming up flat. You have to admire the musicianship as they twist and wind their way around the fret board as they really try to mould Black Metal into a new beast, but Black Metal is a powerful being and though they put up a good fight, there was no question who would win the battle and ultimately the war.

There’s no denying that they gave it a pretty good go and they had musical vision greater than many other bands, but they stretched themselves too far and ultimately fell on their faces.

Review by Sam McKavanagh
Track Listing

1. From the Depths
2. Delirium
3. Silent Gods
4. This Wretched Plague
5. Twisted Landscapes
6. Release
7. Dead Inside
8. Parallel Existence
9. Unbroken (A Morbid Embrace)


Roman Subbotin – Guitars
Craig Land – Vocals
Soikot Sengupta – Guitars
Nick Tingle – Drums
Arran McSporran - Bass

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