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De Lirium´s Order
August 2007
Released: 2007, Shadow World Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It´s been 3 years since this Finnish deathrash combo, De Lirium´s Order, released their debut opus titled VICTIM NO. 52 on Woodcut Records. Since those days the band´s line-up has been changed a bit: Corpse´s (Deathchain) place on vocals has been taken by Infection and K.E. Pestilence (ha, just gotta love these artist names!) has joined the band to take care of the bass duties. I´m not sure whether these line-up changes have necessarily done any good for them because even if these guys prove to be technically skilled enough and capable of playing nearly everything - from their more progressive parts to sheer shredding parts, it´s still somewhat a tough task to get a good grip on the songs on DIAGNOSIS. I mean, after the first 2-3 rough rounds with the album, I was like: “This sounds pretty good, but don´t many other today´s releases do, too?”

De Lirium´s Order throw in 9 of their own songs + “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” which is a Carcass cover song (and which works out even in a pretty amazing way in the hands of this Finnish deathrash camp) on DIAGNOSIS - and undoubtedly the album has its moments (of technical wankery?), but regardless of that I think the album will be sinking into the bottomless pit of many other ´so-so´ sounding metal releases that are floating to the market all the time. I just wish the band could have had more guts to break down some certain, faceless barricades on their way towards the final outcome of the songs on DIAGNOSIS. It´s just that sometime good isn´t good enough - no matter how hard you´d try to prove it to people.

After a heavy rain comes also some sunshine. So let´s consider such songs as “Panzram”, “Ebola Instinct” and “Thy Flesh Consumed” as those so-called much sought-after ´sunshine songs´ off DIAGNOSIS to make the album worth checking out. These three particular songs in question, at least try to show some potentiality in them - being able to rip through the air in a convincing enough way - and to put its listener´s neck muscles to some sort of a test of flexibility. Lethal and mind-piercing riffs are there - so is the necessary amount of catchy hooks and ripping heaviness that all create a nice wholeness together. The problem, however, is that the musical style De Lirium´s Order represents for, is packed by hundreds of similar sounding artists these days and they unfortunately do not differ from this package enough for their own good.
Track Listing

01. Diagnosis: Deranged
02. Extermination Network
03. Ad Infinitum
04. Panzram
05. Drowned in the World of Delirium
06. Ebola Instinct
07. To Walk with the Dead
08. Thy Flesh Consumed
09. Abducted
10.Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover)


Infection - Vocals
S.M. NekroC - Guitar
Dr. Lirium - Guitar
K.E. Pestilence - Bass
E.R. Insane - Drums

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