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Daylight Robbery
Falling Back To Earth
October 2014
Released: 2014, Solar Flare
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Daylight Robbery’s debut album was definitely a mixed bag, as the dividing line between songs the band had written in their early days and brand new ones was like Hadrian’s Wall. On the down side the older tracks lacked much presence, but on the plus side the new tracks showed great promise for the future. Well, the future is now, and it’s time for Daylight Robbery to make good on that promise.

The obvious focal point is vocalist Tony Nicholl, who was good before and is even better now. His vocals are in the higher register but he doesn’t scream and scrape the ceiling like his more power metal contemporaries. Daylight Robber are, you see, definitely a melodic rock band, albeit in the hard rock camp of that particular fluffy army. It’s clear that a lot of time has gone into the second album, evident from the off, as ‘Scream Outloud’ follows the usual oh-so-pointless intro (hi, new readers – I’m the guy who hates intros). They balance hard guitars with keyboards well, and come over as a not quite so good version of Erik Matsensonn’s Eclipse. This isn’t an insult, by the way, as Eclipse are the cream of the crop.

Each track is careful to include a catchy chorus, although thankfully none of them are rammed down your throat for too long, with the verses suitably crunchy, Nicholl showing that he can drop a throaty edge into his voice when required. I’ve been quite happy sitting and listening to this several times, and to be honest there’s not a filler track to be heard, with everything sitting up and begging for your attention. Guitarist Mark Carleton doesn’t go mental, but drops in the requisite guitar solos exactly as needed, whilst the boys on the backline keep things thumping along. The production is pretty good, too, and the whole thing reeks of effort, which is never a bad thing.

It’s always heartening when a UK melodic rock band realizes their potential and throws a challenge to the European big boys, and that’s exactly whay Daylight Robbery have done with ‘Falling Back To Earth’. It’s not the most original release you’ll ever hear, but it has the two vital Ps that count for just about everything (or so I remember Mama’s Boys telling me years ago): Power and Passion. If you like hard edged melodic rock, then Daylight Robbery should be right up your street.

Review by Alan Holloway
Track Listing

1: Intro
2: Enter The Arena
3: I’ll Be Seeing You
4: Samarah never Sleeps
5: Pradise is Lost
6: Fallen Star
7: Redlights
8: Hungry Years
9: Between The Lines
10: Running Out of Time


Tony Nicholl (Lead Vocals)
Mark Carleton (Guitars)
Colin Murdoch (Bass)
David Billingham (Keyboards) Chris Miller (Drums)

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