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Daylight Dies
January 2001
Released: 2000, Tribunal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Swedish melodic death metal. That’s the best way to classify Daylight Dies, Idle being their first release (as far as I know). Actually, the only aspect of death metal in the band is Guthrie Iddings’ growled vocals. The rest of the band plays typical melodic heavy metal, albeit distorted enough that it doesn’t sound too pretty. Where Daylight Dies is different from the many other bands of this ilk is their obvious Sentenced leanings. There is a certain feel to the songs on Idle that remind me of modern day Sentenced, particularly the Frozen-era. The lyrics definitely have the suicide of life touch, while the riffs have a certain freezing wind-blown feel.

While five songs long, this MCD has only three actual metal songs on it. The other two are piano interludes that work surprisingly well to enhance the saddened mood of the album. Of the three full songs, “Forfeiture of Life” is the best, the band combining all of the best elements of their influences into something completely their own, and yet instantly recognizable. The breakdown in the middle of the song is also particularly infectious. If I sound a little non-plussed with this album, it’s because there isn’t really too much on here that I haven’t heard before. Still, Idle shows real promise, but the band needs to grow beyond their influences. Web:
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