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October 2015
Released: 2015, Satanath Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Slovenian venom spewers Dalkhu have returned with their new album "Descend...Into Nothingness", a crushingly heavy exercise in blackened death metal. It has a refreshingly old school sound, which is slave to technicality or the blast beat.

Album opener "Pitch Black Cave" sets the tone in fearful fashion, managing to be both melodic and visceral. PZ's phlegmy, guttural vocals appear to have been summoned from the bowels of hell itself.

Track two "The Fireborn", is crammed full of lead guitar and is augmented by some chilling choral keyboards. It is followed by "In The Woods", a stylish behemoth of a song somewhat reminiscent of early 90s At The Gates. "Distant Cry" follows this pattern to great effect.

The aural arson of "Accepting The Buried Signs" is next, it's frenzy tightly controlled; a blaze that gathers pace until it can no longer be controlled. Track six "Soulkeepers" is more epic and menacing in tone, its baleful and sinister character bordering on terrifying.

The album closes with "E.N.N.F.", ten minutes of discordant creepiness, and savage groove.

"Descend...Into Nothingness" is a very good album, but is not without its flaws. Often the tracks seem to bleed into one because they lack individual identity. Also it is a little bit let down by the production, in particular the biscuit tin drums. These are only minor gripes; in the main there is much to enjoy.

Review by Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1) Pitch Black Cave
2) The Fireborn
3) In The Woods
4) Distant Cry
5) Accepting The Buried Signs
6) Soulkeepers
7) E.N.N.F.


JG: Guitar/Bass
SZ: Vocals



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