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Scare Yourself
July 2005
Released: 2005, EMI Denmark
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The long awaited D.A.D album SCARE YOURSELF is finally out in stores. A preview of the album came earlier this year in the shape of a CDS with the songs “Scare Yourself” and “Last Chance to Change” taken from the, then, forthcoming album.

D.A.D started out 20 years ago with the release of their debut EP STANDING ON THE NEVER NEVER and during these 20 years they have only gone through one member change when the original drummer Peter left the band and was replace by the current drummer Laust Sonne.

If you want to read more about the D.A.D albums just click your way into the metal-rules data base.

Their last studio album, SOFT DOGS, came at the beginning of 2002 and it was an album of the more melodic kind. “Scare Yourself” is a perfect choice for a first single release because it represents the sound of the new album in a brilliant way. They have taken a step back on the album and now they sound just as they did at the end of the 80’s and at the beginning of the 90’s on the classical albums JIHAD - NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS and RISKIN IT ALL. They have kept the well structured songs from SOFT DOGS but they have driven up the speed quite a lot, and they also sound harder and meaner on SCARE YOURSELF compared to their previous album.

The guys have chosen to produce the album by themselves this time, which is their first time doing that. They have had some help from Henrik Lipp (Sator, Millencolin, Union Carbide Productions etc) and Michael Ilbert (Sator, Roxette, The Hellacopters etc). Most of the material was recorded in Music Matic in Gothenburg Sweden. One song was recorded in Varispeed Studios in Malmö Sweden, the only things that were recorded in Denmark were the overdubs.

Productionwise it sounds like they have been influenced by how they sounded in the old days and it sound like they’re going back to their roots. The band has created a really heavy, mean, dirty sound with a lot of high speed songs. The main focus lies on brilliant guitar tunes, lead vocals and the stable rhythm section does their best to back up the lead guitars and vocals. Usually they have production help by Nick Foss but with this album they have once and for all showed that they don’t need help from anyone.

When you put the album on to your stereo and push play you can’t hear at once that it’s D.A.D you are listening to. That depends a lot on Jesper’s distinctive and characteristically voice, he may not be the greatest singer ever but he manages to make something personal of his voice and he does something that not many Scandinavian singers can – singing in proper English. Jesper is also taking care of the guitar play together with his brother Jacob who is a real good guitar player.

On two stringed bass we have Stig Pedersen (now Stigge Nasty) who plays some excellent bass. The only member that’s not been with the band from the start is the drummer Laust, on this album he contributed with his safe and technical drum play.

SCARE YOURSELF includes 11 tracks and the inspiration flooded during the making of the album, they wrote about 25 songs but only 11 made it on to the album. And with 25 songs I think it’s pretty odd that they couldn’t feature a non released song on the B-side of the single instead of taking one from the album. The band has written all of the material together and as (almost) always feels the material solid as a rock. Even if some of their albums have been more or less “easy” listening they have always kept a high standard in the long run and they also keep getting better the more you listen to it, except for HELPYOURSELFISH from 95 where the guys really hit rock bottom. The guys have also played with words in their lyrics and titles and this album is no exception to that with titles such as “Lawrence of Suburbia” and “Camping in Scandinavia”.

They haven’t featured any ballads this time which is a smart move, I strongly doubt that they can do better ballads than “It’s after dark” which is a personal favorite or “Laugh ‘n’ a ½”.

The following tracks are my personal favorites from the new album. “Good day (to give it up)”, “No hero”, “Camping in Scandinavia” are three part/hardrock tracks with heavy guitars and strong choruses. “Hey Now” is a mid-tempo track while “Unexplained” starts off at a low speed before the tempo rises and the song turns out to be a heavy party rock’n’roll tune.

I have nothing bad to say about this masterpiece done by the greatest band in Denmark today. They have managed to do another high class album with all of their entire trademark ingredients like brilliant guitar play, solid bass play and catchy choruses built up around Jesper’s magical voice.

They have already began to do small club shows in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. During the summer are they going to play at Roskilde Festival and in October are they kicking off a real tour.

If you think that SOFT DOGS was too melodic for your taste then please check out SCARE YOURSELF, it doesn’t get better than this. I really hope that the guys are going to play for another 20 years.
Track Listing

Lawrence of Suburbia
A good day (to give it up)
Scare yourself
No hero
Hey now
Camping in Scandinavia
Little addict
Dirty fairytale
Last chance to change


Jacob Binzer – guitar, b-vox
Jesper Binzer – guitar, lead vocals
Stigge Nasty – bass, b-vox
Laust Sonne – drums, vox

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