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Dawn of A Dark Age
The Saga Of The Six Elements
May 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Combing genres is always a bit of a gamble. Sometimes it pays off and other times it feels like an overly ambitious mess. Italy’s Dawn of A Dark Age presents a fusion of black metal and jazz, which at face value sounds incompatible, as they attempt to blend the binary nature of these genres into one. Heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King and concerts of J.S Bach, the Saga of the Six Elements invites listeners into the twisted and often horrific minds of their six track endeavour.

Opening with the alluringIntro- The Gates Of Hell’, the spoken dialogue and neo-classical tendencies set the bar high. However, ’Otzuni (the Black City in Apulia) is where the record takes off with sinister riffs and infernal growls soaring mercilessly onward. Despite the low-fi production, their sound is highly focused with its black metal and classical dynamism weaving together seamlessly in a manner that feels equally akin to a horror movie. Meanwhile, ‘The old Path of Water’ bursts into avant-garde wholeness with a clarinet passage running alongside a demonic narrative of hellish resonance. Stand out track, 'Mouettes A Midi Sur La Mer Adriatique’ remains instrumental in its delivery and flourishes with eerie soundscapes that the remain as engrossing as they do nightmarish.

It is evident that this four track journey is not for everyone. Black metal loyalists will feel repelled by its erratic juxtaposition; while many avant-garde fans may find morbidity a bit much. Primarily this record will sit well with music fans who have an open mind and who find music that is challenging to be equally rewarding. In that sense, Dawn Of a Dark Age will remain unlike anything else you’re likely to encounter this year. Interesting listen.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Intro/The Gates Of Hell (In The Deepest Dark Abyss)
2. Otzuni (The Black City In Apulia)
3. The Old Path Of Water (Where You Rot Slowly)
4. The Verrin’s Source (On Mount Field)
5. Mouettes A Midi Sur La Mer Adriatique
6. Outro


Vittorio Sabelli "Eurynomos" - All Instruments
"Buran" - Vocals

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