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Dave Brockie Experience
Songs for The Wrong
October 2003
Released: 2003, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I think that GWAR is profitable enough that Metal Blade allows Dave Brockie to occasionally indulge in solo albums of virtually no public appeal. I used to wonder why Brockie would want to do solo stuff when GWAR is the ultimate vehicle for his personal artistic expression.

Then I heard DBX and it makes sense. DBX allows Mr. Brockie to do the things that he can’t do in the confines of GWAR which, if you think about it are quite strict, despite the outrageousness of it. Songs For The Wrong is the second DBX CD and I feel it falls into an (elite?) class of crude toilet-comedy albums that are sprinkled throughout the metal world. It takes balls and conviction to try something like this, specifically sharing a giant in-joke with the planet of which 99.99999% won’t know, don’t care or won’t get it.

Well I don’t claim to fully ‘get it’ but I do like it. DBX reminds me of many other great sleazy ‘n’ sick CD’s like Green Jelly, Haunted Garage, Scatterbrain, Infectious Grooves…could this all be a sub-sub-genre of comedy metal? CD’s like this are hard to do and do well and either you get the joke or ya don’t. I suppose in hindsight get it but I’m mildly detached.

This 17 track CD is loaded with vile lyrics, politically incorrect comments that are intended to shock and amuse but are no worse than the average gore metal CD. Brockie is a one-man vocal powerhouse his style delivery and execution of said gross lyrics is dead on. Musically the songs are probably too mellow for a GWAR album with many of them having a bouncy punk-pop element, catchy and fun. There are hints of metal, surf, pop, anthemic marching beats…every song is a mini-suite with a politically incorrect rant of it’s own. Brockie is enough a studio vet by this time that the disc looks and sounds great. Hilarious and sick images add to the comedic impact of the presentation.

I think if I was drunk this would be the funniest thing I had ever heard and seen. In my experience many comedy albums fall fat and this while not being the best I’ve ever heard is a fun and amusing side trip into the twisted mind of Dave Brockie. I’ll revisit it.
Track Listing

1. Damn That Money
2. Slowpoke
3. Should The Ugly Girl Blow Me?
4. The Chinese Have No Cheese
5. Music Is Like Beer
6. Hard for A Tard
7. I Wanna Be A Squirrel
8. Shatilla
9. He’s Going Crazy!
10. Make Money Off Your Friends
11. Dog Log
12. Slips of Paper
13. March of The Faggot Soldiers
14. Hey Buddy
15. Medieval Werewolf
16. Churchmouse In The Snow
17. Isn’t It Grand Boys?


Dave Brockie-Vocals, Bass
Mike Derks-Guitar
Brad Roberts-Drums



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