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Execute the Fact
June 2007
Released: 2007, Firebox Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“Hard rock... Hallelujah!” Well, this has nothing to do with Lordi´s song at all, but this was my first, sincere reaction when I received a promotional CD for the Finnish deathsters Dauntless´ debut full-length album, EXECUTE THE FACT, in my mail the other day. This furious Finnish fivesome has made itself known for their total Death/Thrash assaults ever since this bastard child was brought to the world in 1991.

On EXECUTE THE FACT, Dauntless keeps on executing the hard fact even more determinedly that these guys can actually sound really damn entertaining when it comes to their relentlessly bashing death n thrash songs - with tiny pieces from metalcore squeezed in here and there (glad they are only in a very minimum role in their songs). Dauntless basically do what they can do best: hammer down everyone that dares to come near them, with their convincingly heavy, brutal and technical 9 death/thrash songs with such a level of intensity that makes you feel totally numb after this relentless and merciless beating session has come to its end. The guitarists´ role on the album is remarkable as without Riku´s and Sami´s strong input for their guitar parts, this album would probably sound like one of those unforgettable metalcore albums that have been churned out from the same mill for years already. I especially like all those shredding guitar parts when the Dauntless´ dynamic guitarist duo tries their best to plagiarize the Hoffman brothers when they still were a part of the Deicide legions. “Blindfolded Solutions”, the 4th song off the record, has some nice Deicidesque riffing that just cannot be ignored by sharp listeners. Also, a song called “Flow of Fortune” mainly kisses hairy balls due to its sheer intense and heavy riffings presented in it. These fabulous guitarists do owe a thing or two to the Hoffman Bros - no doubts about that.

However, Dauntless´ real problem is that their songs sound like they have all been cast from the same mould. There´s not enough variation between the songs and therefore the wholeness tends to be a bit too tedious and predictable which is kind of a pity. Also, when it comes to the vocals, I really do like some of those deep and mean death grunts as they fit to the songs as well as an iron glove into your ass. However, at the same time when the band´s vocalist tries to give more variation to the songs with his more hardcoreish vocal efforts, this is where a headache hits me. I mean, he would do just much more justice to the songs if he only used those somewhat typical death grunts for them. This is yet again, a matter of taste, of course.

EXECUTE THE FACT fulfills all the norms about an entertaining metal album though. It´s really lots of fun to listen to this record, unless you are after a certain amount of uniqueness and originality, because you won’t get those elements from Dauntless. Dauntless have a will to kill music-wise - and that´s what EXECUTE THE FACT is all about: Killer songs that tend to kill a listener both in good and in bad.
Track Listing

01. Ruins
02. Shelter Equals Grave
03. Born Controlled
04. Flow of Fortune
05. Blindfolded Solutions
06. Body Open Wide
07. Sickest Victory
08. Suffocated Voice
09. Four Walls United


Ari Nieminen - Vocals
Sami Helle - Guitar, vocals
Riku Katainen - Lead guitar
Olli Määttä - Bass
Santeri Salmi - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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