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My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
March 2016
Released: 2015, Unsigned
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Since 2007, solo project Dauden has been working tirelessly in the darkness with a disharmonic sound owes much to the second wave black metal. The self-released My Soul Will Be Damned forever is the latest addition to the project’s dark forge. One that will plunge Malignant (the mastermind behind it all) further into the unholy abyss of the whence he came.

The band offer up a visceral black metal assault which begins in a rather obscure fashion in the instrumental chaos of ‘Dauden’. Despite waiting for the vocals to kick in make everything sound complete, you’re left wondering whether this is a demo version of a half completed track.

It’s not until ‘My Soul Will be Damned Forever’ that the music truly takes flight. The venomous shrieks prove to be a worthy addition to the band’s old school sound, as the guitars and consistent blast beats take centre stage.

Malignant’s consistency works in his favour with as the pummelling riffs of ‘With No Presence of God’ and the relentless speed of ‘Suicidal Seduction’, are two signs of Dauden’s sound being nothing short of nightmarish.

Closing off with ‘The Sign of the Goat’ an eerie guitar led and fast cymbal brushes breeze past with ease. Meanwhile, the droning guitars and infernal vocals pave the way until the record’s final moments, ending everything with a bleak atmosphere; one that is completely devoid of light.

Dauden is one of those rare additions to modern black metal. The sound is old and yet their lifespan of this solitary figure is fairly recent. His refusal to incorporate some of the more avantgarde dynamics is clear from the get go. Amidst his dark leanings of his music, there is enough allure to keep fans clawing their way back into the night with this eight track offering. Impressive stuff.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Dauden
2. My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
3. Akem Manah
4. With No Presence of God
5. God Did Not Create Us
6. Suicidal Seduction
7. Where Light Touches None
8. The Sign of The Goat


Malignant- Everything

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