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Das Scheit
July 2005
Released: 2005, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Founded a decade ago, Das Scheit is a German group of industrial metal warriors that, despite being far too late to be branded bandwagoners, do not fit into today’s musical climate very well. As you’d expect of an industrial/gothic band formed in the mid-‘90s, Das Scheit’s music and image borrow a lot from the usual suspects (Marilyn Manson, NIN, Skinny Puppy), and is perhaps adds a dash of commercial flair and hooks to the mechanized dance floor madness.

Despite being anachronistic in 2005, SUPERBITCH contains some genuinely good songs. The catchy vocal melodies of the excellent “Much Deeper” are the first signs that there might be something worth hearing in Das Scheit’s music, a sentiment born out in brooding ballad (for lack of a better word) “Earth Stands Still”, which manages to strike the misanthropic chord that the band seems to be reaching for.

After a while though, it begins to feel as though lead singer Clint is just shouting at you as his lack of range becomes glaringly obvious after the first few songs. He basically has a loud growl/shout and a quiet shout, and that’s it. As well, the band’s music falls into all of the same pitfalls that their predecessors did, namely too much of a focus on electronic bleeps and bloops that take away from the potentially decent songs. And even if you do like this style of music, make sure you quit after track nine, “Hardbody”, ‘cause the last three songs are long and dull.

I guess overall SUPERBITCH is a pretty decent album, but it just sounds a little too “retro” in this day and age. It’s a good throwback to bygone years, but ultimately you’re left yearning to return to the present.
Track Listing

1. 7 Seconds
2. Coming Up Roses
3. Much Deeper
4. Splinters
5. About U
6. Earth Stands Still
7. Shoot Song
8. Catpiss
9. Hardbody
10. Long Walk
11. Lonely Walk
12. Until I’ve Been Forgotten


Clint: Vocals
Sascha: Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Casey: Guitars
George: Guitars

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