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The New Dawn
February 2016
Released: 2016, CapsAArx
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Dakesis are a Progressive Power Metal band from Birmingham in the heart of the UK. I bought their Trial by Fire album a few years ago and although a good piece of work it did not satisfy me. Seeing them live it didn't do them justice. Now it is 2016 and they are about to release The New Dawn. This is a perfect summing up of the band as they have made a giant, Incredible Hulk stye leap forward in terms of production, singing, playing and song writing.

The New Dawn starts with a classically influenced intro reminding me of Kamelot's "The Fourth Legacy", moving onto the title track which is of course a fast number. The album then takes you on a journey ending with an 11 minute epic. In my opinion this has all the hallmarks of what made Power Metal so special in it's heyday. Every song has something special to offer with class shining through. You can feel the love and care taken with each track, the band honing and letting the song evolve.

Matt's guitar playing is not just riffs and solos, he can weave his way through as the songs demand. Drumming is spot on, speeding up without sounding rushed and helps to create a classy sheen. Same goes for the bass being heard and not heard in the right places.

Gemma's vocals are simply stunning, the faster songs sounding majestic with the slower songs endearing. She seems to have the perfect mix of feminine with authority and genuine. Her singing on Judgement Day, my favourite track on the album is a real showcase of her immense talent.

The production is just right avoiding issues on some new power metal albums. I have issues with the sounds on the latest Stratovarius album for example. Everythig is crisp and clear with bass just under the keyboards and guitars. It is not all gushing praise though. The drums could be louder in the mix to make the album a bit heavier. Going back to Stratovarius it could have done with a drum sound similar to Visions (1997). Check out the intro to "Kiss of Judas".

Dakesis is now a band that compete with the best of the Euro Power Metal bands.
Track Listing

1) Overture
2) The New Dawn
3) Betrayal
4) Destined for the Flame
5) The Great Insurrection
6) Intermezzo Meridian
7) Judgement Day
8) The Sacrifice
9) Autumn
10) Call to Freedom
13) By the Fading Light


Gemma Lawler - Vocals / Keys
Matt Jones - Guitar
Amie Chatterley - Bass
Adam Harris - Drum

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