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El Legado
February 2005
Released: 2004, GOI Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Continuing my journey through the Spanish metal landscape comes Darksun, a five-piece power/prog unit formed out of the ashes of the now-defunt Northwind. EL LEGADO is Darksun’s first release and given that 60% of its members came from Northwind, it is no surprise that they sound like a band that has played together for years. The comparisons to Rhapsody, Edguy and Stratovarius are inevitable but Darksun is far less produced than either of them. Daniel Gonzalez Suarez has a very strong voice and his range is quite impressive while the crunching guitar riffs from Tino Hevia and Suarez are well-balanced with Helena Pinto’s keyboards. For what I am assuming is a small band on a small label, the production job is superb. Many songs are driven by a galloping rhythm section that never seems too heavy and the keyboards never dominate the mix, either.

The majestic instrumental “Mas Alla Del Ar Co Iris” leads into the title track with its soaring choruses. “El Legado” is very catchy and other tracks like “Dentr O De Ti” and “El Ultimo Viaje” remain in your head long after listening. Suarez’ voice certainly gets credit for a lot of this but the entire band really shines. Pinto’s keyboards are a dominant player on “Traicion” and “El Ultimo Viaje” and add that epic touch to the music. The guitars are never sacrificed in favor of keyboard passages and leave quite a heavy mark on the songs. There are plenty of solos found here and enough riffing to please even those most critical of power metal. For further proof of the skill of the guitar players, don’t miss the mandolin and classical guitar interlude on “A Donde Vas Las Almas!”

I was pleasantly surprised by EL LEGADO. It can be difficult to get into music whose lyrics are not understood but Darksun managed to keep my attention. Choosing to sing in a language other than English instantly cuts your audience significantly, but with excellent production, well-crafted songs and obvious skill making up this release, EL LEGADO would be a worthy inclusion to any metalhead’s collection.

**Check out the band’s website, too. Very cool!!

KILLER KUTS: “El Legado,” “Dentr O De Ti,” “A Donde Vas Las Almas”
Track Listing

1. Mas Alla Del Ar Co Iris (Instrumental)
2. El Legado
3. Traicion
4. Veo La Luz
5. El Bosque Encantado (Instrumental)
6. Dentr O De Ti
7. A Donde Van Las Almas
8. El Ultimo Viaje
9. La Llama Immortal
10. Corazon De Dragon
11. Gloria & Poder


Daniel Gonzalez Suarez—Vocals/Guitar
Tino Hevia—Guitar
Pedro Junquera—Bass
Helena Pinto—Keyboards
Daniel Cabal Fernandez—Drums

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