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Altered Reflections
October 2010
Released: 2009, Rock-A-Holics Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

This is my second attempt to write a review of ALTERED REFLECTIONS. After being unable to listen to the Promo version of the album that was sent to me that was loaded down with voiceovers the label shipped us an actual copy once they read the initial review. If a label gets behind an album enough to ship out 2 copies to the one webzine then there must be something to it.

Darkology are pure Heavy Metal, no doubt about it. They combine your basic Metal with a bit of Thrash and some Power Metal to create their own sound. Vocalist Kelly Sundown is the strong point of this album hands down by far. He can go from Cookie Monster vocals one second to a high piercing scream the next. From a new listeners point of view he should stick to one vocal style with maybe a line or 2 on an album put in for an effect. His regular voice is fairly strong and the band would benefit greatly if Kelly used it a little more.

A fairly solid release . Darkology has a promising future if they can find a musical direction and not all over the place. While diversity is a fantastic thing too much will alienate you.
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