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Dagor Dagorath
Yetzer Ha'Ra
October 2010
Released: 2010, Twilight Vertrieb
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Keyboard driven Black Metal from Israel, anyone? Dagor Dagorath, this 3-piece vicious Black Metal act, has put out their 3rd full-length record, titled YETZER HA´RA, on Ziekte-NL/More Hate Production in 2009, which has also later been released this year by German Twilight Vertrieb for a worldwide release.

Musically it comes very obvious pretty soon that these 3 Israeli fellows have kept their ears out of the wax when it comes to a similar bombastic and atmospheric sound to an older version of Norwegian metal giants Dimmu Borgir - only with the difference that Dagor Dagorath have left massive orchestration out from their sound, and gone into a full-scale blackish (and partly folk-ish even) warfare as far as the maximum use of the keyboard´s sound is concerned. The keyboards are, practically speaking, everywhere - partly yet unfortunately even dominating their song structures a bit too much, which doesn´t necessarily serve the band´s own purpose to turn more heads to their side for sheer curiosity´s sake.

Another problem is despite the fact that they do sound well rehearsed and determined to break out from their country for a bigger worldwide attention, there are already so many, to put it rudely, ´Dimmu-clones´ around these days that it´s really damn hard to credit the band for anything that could be related to words like ´unique´, or ´groundbreaking´, or ´original´ - or whatever, that might get them out of that small, dark hole - and expose them to everyone on this planet under a more favorable daylight. If they just were one of the first keyboard dominated Black Metal acts among others, then it might be a whole different story there, I guess.

In conclusion, it can only be said that YETZER HA´RA is only a ´safe´ and ´calculated´ sounding effort from Dagor Dagorath - not moving you enough one way or the other, and therefore most likely vanishing into an eternal oblivion after a couple of first spins, if I'm being honest.
Track Listing

01. The Hell in Heaven
02. The Devil on the Chain
03. Heaven in Hell
04. The Maze of Madness
05. Vicious Circle
06. The Call
07. Wind Cry


Vorog - Vocals and guitar
Getman Azach - Keyboards and backing vocals
Mizgir - Bass

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