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Rusted Angel
February 2004
Released: 2003, Regain Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

This is the debut album from Darkane, originally released in 1999 on WAR Records. It was recently re-released by Regain Records because the album has become something of a lost treasure among the heavy metal underground. See, though the band has gone on to release two fine albums since this one (INSANITY and EXPANDING SENSES), it is RUSTED ANGEL that initially captured the hearts of fans the world over and is still seen as the measuring stick for everything Darkane does.

Why, you may ask, is this album so highly regarded? Oh, for no reason. Except for the fact that it is one of the BEST fucking Swedish thrash albums of all time!!! Seriously, time has not dulled the effect of this album. It still sounds as fresh, vital, and plain violent as it did five years ago. Really, considering the sheer number of neo-thrash albums that have come and gone since then, that’s quite an achievement. The band sounded so damn good on this album that it was painful to listen to. The wildly lashing guitars, the impeccably precise battery of the drums, chameleon-like vocals, it all adds up to an utterly captivating listen.

Each song is mind-blowing, each riff brutal yet memorable. From “Convicted” all the way through “Frenetic Visions”, the album grabs you and doesn’t let go. Lawrence Mackrory’s vocals are nothing short of amazing. He goes from thrash howl a la Chuck Billy to a death growl worthy of Morbid Angel to a pure clean voice. Incredible. To this day fans still miss him (he left shortly after this album was released).

As an added bonus Regain added two live songs from 1998, recorded before RUSTED ANGEL was even released. The band sounds perfect on these as well, and the songs are extremely close to the versions that would end up on disc, proving what a great band this is. Once rare, this album is finally widely available again. I strongly suggest that you go and get it.
Track Listing

4)The Rape of Mankind
5)Rusted Angel
6)A Wisdom’s Breed
7)Chase for Existence
8)Relief in Disguise (Japanese bonus)
9)The Arcane Darkness
10)July 1999
11)Frenetic Visions
12)A Wisdom’s Breed (Live 1998)
13)Convicted (Live 1998)


Lawrence Mackrory: Vocals
Christofer Malmstrom: Guitars
Peter Wildoer: Drums
Jorgen Lofberg: Bass
Klas Ideberg: Guitars

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